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  1. Lakeside Karting - August 28th, 7pm

    Another little bump.. probably the last one as it doesn't seem like anyone here is interested :roll: Getting there slowly with the grid but it looks like all will be ok now and it will definitely go ahead. 8 Already paid and 4 more on that list I know are paying imminently. If you are interested in this and have been holding off now is the time to let me know please I've also put up the details of the next race which will be at Red Lodge at the end of September. The winner of that race will receive a refund of their race cost as a bit of a prize. See here for details. https://thehirekartcup.wordpress.com/upcoming-races/r2-red-lodge-sept-25th/ List for Lakeside. Green = Paid 1. Nathan Willits 2. Mark Preston 3. Mikaela Kirby 4. Andrew Stefanczyk 5. Andy Otoo 6. Matteo Macchi 7. Grant Ashley-Smith 8. Tim Phelps 9. Neil Shaw-Smith 10. Stuart McLean 11. Anu Ogunade 12. Katy Ogunade 13. Kesh Naidoo 14. Clive Hill 15. Chris Pincher 16. Sally Shaw-Smith This list will not be updated on here. Please see the website for the up to date list.
  2. Lakeside Karting - August 28th, 7pm

    I was creating a new paypal button for the next race and I stupidly deleted the old button. And as i can't edit the original post here is the new button..
  3. Hello... not sure if anyone here is interested in a bit of go karting? I've been planning for ages to organise a few outdoor karting races.. intact I want to run a series of them where people can compete in a "season" if they wish. I've always wanted to race in club100 and be part of a championship but the costs are prohibitive for me at £175+ per race. So to keep costs low I'm aiming to run a series of races using the hire karts and raceware of each track we visit. Each race should be £65 or less. Feel free to join in if your interested in the whole season or if you just want to take part in a single race. Maybe in the future if it gets very popular I'll have to restrict it to 'championship drivers' first etc but for now anyone is welcome. 2015 Round 1 – Friday August 28th, 7pm arrival – Lakeside Karting Race Format 19:00 – Arrival, Sign in, Suit up, Briefing 20:00 – 10 min Practice / Qualifying 20:15 – Race Start. 30 min sprint from a grid start 20:50 – Trophies, Lap times Cost and Payment The cost is £65 per driver which is payable to me as I’ve already booked and paid for the track. Please pay via the paypal link below either using your paypal account or if you don’t have an account you can pay direct with a credit or debit card Drivers and other details are on a little blog site I made. Apologies its so basic at the moment. I'll develop it as I go along. https://thehirekartcup.wordpress.com Thanks and feel free to ask any questions. Nathan
  4. Tornado Red MK5 GTI. Mildly Modified

    Sorry... i've decided I'm keeping them black i love the look on the black wheels. Looks too tame on the silver looking at the photos of other cars. Not sure why everyone is so down on the black when so many others run black wheels.
  5. Tornado Red MK5 GTI. Mildly Modified

    they say its free but you have to pay for insured shipping there and back and they charge you to clean the pot, seal it, put a new sticker on it etc. cost me £250 last time.
  6. Tornado Red MK5 GTI. Mildly Modified

    I use it for work so it pays for itself really. It is very good but never worth £2k+. Its one of the best looking / longest lasting waxes I've used though.
  7. Tornado Red MK5 GTI. Mildly Modified

    Evening... Few small changes.. Although I decided to stick with the black wheels.. I feel they matched the theme of the car and silver would introduce a new colour that would look a bit odd. Been back at R-Tech in Hinkley for a health check and he also made some more tweaks to the map in the mid range and at my cruising speed to hopefully give a but more MPG. 254bhp / 323lbft now Not bad for a stage one and back on the standard airbox and paper filter. Got the sub sorted in the boot. Swapped the Audio Control LC2i LOC for an Audison Bit Ten Sound Processor and fitted the DRC in the ash tray so the lid still closes and it hides away nicely Then I colour coded my rear boot badge and smoothed and wrapped my front number plate plinth and spent a day machine polishing the car and waxing it with my £2350 pot of Zymol Vintage. Very happy with the result.. although its already covered in salt and dirt again now... but at least its swirl free and waxed
  8. My mk5

    Welcome... This looks lovely and clean and classy..
  9. My mk5

    a great car ruined... looked great in the first few pics... then the bonnet happened.
  10. Tornado Red MK5 GTI. Mildly Modified

    I dont get this fascination with silver I think gunmetal could look quite good. Or even black but with a silver lip and silver inner barrel.
  11. Tornado Red MK5 GTI. Mildly Modified

    I'm also contemplating gunmetal So rather than narrowing the options I've added one lol!
  12. Tornado Red MK5 GTI. Mildly Modified

    Hmm.. I think I'm leaning much more towards the satin black with the silver lip now to be honest. The silver looks nice but just too normal. The black looks much meaner.
  13. Tornado Red MK5 GTI. Mildly Modified

    Is that a vote for the silver wheels? I dont understand?
  14. Tornado Red MK5 GTI. Mildly Modified

    Cheers dude. Am currently trying to sort out amber flashing bulbs as well so I can lose the orange reflectors.
  15. Tornado Red MK5 GTI. Mildly Modified

    So, need to update the mods list This was from a couple of months ago.. Additions to the list: Ed30 Interior £500 Ed30 Rear lights £135 JL HD600/4 amp £250 Hertz HSK163 speakers £250 Audio Control LC6i £130 Now for sale as not needed Audio Control LC2i £100 JL 10W3V3-4 Sub £150 Custom Sub Enclosure £160 Misc ICE wiring and sound deadening £100 Still to complete: Warranty paintwork 10th Sept - Wings and bootlid. Respray front end / sills (may get VW to do this as well depending on their quote) Refurb 19" CH wheels and fit the Conti contact5's I have in the shed. Stil for sale: Leather interior 18" BBS Pescara's Alpine PDX amp Audio control LC6i LOC I think I'm pretty happy with the interior now and apart from replacing like for like on a few trims that have a few marks on them, I'm not sure i'll change anything else. Cant wait to get the paintwork done and then I can polish it properly as well. I'm still 50/50 on what colour wheels to have. Keep the black or go for a more OEM silver look? Anyway... a few photos... Interior complete All the ICE bits are nicely hidden away under the seats under the pastic covers now And with no seats Amp under the passenger seat Line output converter under the drivers seat And the bass control in the coin draw by the drivers right knee Rear Lights Before After Thats all the updates for now. Still would like some S3 / R32 brakes at some point ands still need to decide on the wheel colour :signLOL: I've gone back and forth from black to silver on a daily basis