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  1. Hey man! I'm doing the same conversion and was wondering where you had the Rad made!??
  2. Mk4 .:R32 Complete Rebuild

    Sooo wish I had the time and patients to do this to mine!! Excellent work my friend!! I doth my cap! Haha xD
  3. the wifes mk4 harlequin

    This is the best wife car ever! Lol nice work
  4. Mk2 Golf 1.8T T28 turbo

    Great work man!! That texture paint is bad ass!! Haha
  5. Mk1 Scirocco Small Block Chic

    Mk1 Rocco's are my fave!! And this is probs one of the best! Super jealous!! Great work
  6. Mk4 R32 *Daily*

    I took my measurement from the wire clip on the coilover and it's 25mm from there to the bottom of the adjuster nut. If this fails to get the same sorta stance then I'm guessing the only other reason is the weight difference from the 20v T and the R32 lump? Hope that helps bud!
  7. Mk4 R32 *Daily*

    Man can't fault some eBay items! Cheap and easy and for me that's always worth a chance! Haha obviously on things like side repeaters it's no big deal! But for more important mods I totally agree with your logic! Mate R32'd Mk2's are deff the dream!! Haha
  8. Mk4 R32 *Daily*

    Yeah I know man! Was such a shame but what can you do hey! I thought you were selling your R32??
  9. Mk4 R32 *Daily*

    Thanks Man!! Yeah I like the way your going with styling! Haha The side repeaters were an awesome EBay purchase my man! Look at this on eBay: http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=351134181754 SMOKED SIDE INDICATORS CLEAR NEW FOR VW MK3 MK4 GOLF PASSAT POLO + There you go butt!
  10. My MK2 Oak Green 16v

    Nice clean oaky!!
  11. Golf Mk1 lambo Grey Shaved Bay 1.8t

    This is soooo nice!!
  12. This thing is bonkers!! Gonna be awesome to see when it's done!!!
  13. Beige Mk1 golf 1.8T 20V smoothed bay

    Sexual! That is all!
  14. Gorgeous car bud!!! Great work!
  15. Woodpenis' MK2 GTi

    Had another flick through and i Love the way you have this thing sitting!! Perfect dude!!