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  1. 75 marinogelb swallowtail

    Very interesting build, hope it goes well and the updates fast lol.
  2. Pioneer dab aerial options

    Cool thank you for the info Dave.
  3. Pioneer dab aerial options

    Sorry Dave I've got another question, I've seen combination aerials which will do am/FM,dab and GPS. Are they any good, or would it be better to use the GPS aerial that comes supplied with the unit?
  4. Pioneer dab aerial options

    Thanks for the info Dave.
  5. Pioneer dab aerial options

    Afternoon everyone, After some advice today. I've recently bought the pioneer avic F77dab to go into my mk4 golf. Question is which dab aerial do I buy? I've seen the standard pioneer option, which involves sticking it to the inside of my windscreen. There's FM/dab splitters that connect to the existing aerial and split the signal for dab and lastly I've seen aftermarket dab aerials such as hirschmann. These look very similar to OEM. Price wise the aftermarket aerial is the most expensive but is it worth it? My main aim is to buy the best aerial that doesn't drop signal. Anyone got any experience/views on the various options? Thanks for reading Taz
  6. new member from the r32oc

    Quiche looks tasty
  7. My "banned" mk2

    The car looks like a good base for a project. Good luck
  8. Don't feed the birds. Mk2 Golf Gti

    Definitely different lol. Love the work that's gone into fitting the lights. Really thinking outside of the box.
  9. A5 Mo style...

    Beautiful car. Can you pm me what sort of price your after, standard and modified.
  10. Mk2 20v, Gold BBS......You know the one.

    Lovely motor, sorry if I've already missed it but what trouble did you have with the engine?
  11. x2Nice style of wheel and will work better in a different colour.
  12. Dee-vubs Anthracite Mk4 32

    Beautiful colour
  13. X reg mk4 golf gti misfire help

    Sounds like a dead coilpack on cylinder 4 (one closest to the gearbox end).
  14. 3 changes I see which will help it to be known as your car rather than "that's (insert name here)'s old car" is: 1. colour change, 2. wheel change 3. interior change. Big changes I know but will definitely put a bigger stamp of you on the car.