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  1. hi ive got a 3dr mk4 golf and ive left the keys inside and some how its locked its self is there any way of getting into it without breaking anything?
  2. My golf mk4 20vt

    I've now added coilover and smoothed bonnet and bebadge grill that looks great ive also changed my rear bumper to a very nice modded 1 i got from lowlife I will add pics asap
  3. Fitting golf mk4 coilovers

    Hi guys I've just brought a set a ta-technix coilovers and wondered is there a idiots guide out there any of you know about ? Need to get them fitted asap
  4. My golf mk4 20vt

    Hi to you all here's my golf mk4 20v turbo just started to mod her I've added a us spec front bumper strip changed the indicators from clear to orange I've brought a set of 18" alloys as a temp set till I get the body looking how I want it I've just brought the rear bumper of lowlifes golf for mine just getting it painted I've just added lupo mirrors to it here a quick pic http://i70.photobucket.com/albums/i88/robbietaylor2805/photo.jpg http://i70.photobucket.com/albums/i88/robbietaylor2805/photo4.jpg
  5. Benzeno's MK4 GLI

    Love the car mate defo keep them bumpers on looks alot nicer than the ones in the 1st pic