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    Anything MK1 related and Carmen Electra !!!!
  1. Show&Glow Bluewater, Kent.

    Hi Simon Is there a problem with the site page?..Reason is I cannot get access to the "buy tickets" page...I know I've not missed anything. Cheers
  2. Cupra R Brembo brakes inside 17" RS's

    Just to find out if anyone here has this set up. Can Cupra R Brembo brakes (think 310mm) and callipers fit within RS 301's without clearance problems? Thanks in advance.
  3. South African Mk2 Golf...Hopefully, A Car For Life.

    Hi mate..Damn, you've had some bad luck.....Where do you live in S.London?..Im here also so could possibly hook up if you're around. Thats's lucky your spare is the same colour as the original...
  4. detailers in kent area?

    Your best bet would be to contact him as all paint finishes are different and relate to price/time to get it right....I've pm'd you details...
  5. detailers in kent area?

    This is what Rob done to my bonnet..Rest of car was done also but it's under wraps... Shot at 2011-12-29
  6. Need a pay as you go jetwash

    Prob be there for 6.30 - 7...hope to catch up later
  7. Need a pay as you go jetwash

    Hi James....doing well mate...that near where the macros is?...just think ill take the car to prep tonight...
  8. Need a pay as you go jetwash

    Live in a block of flats mate and if you saw my water bill,you'd do the same....
  9. As title says,I'm after one that does a rinse cycle only,not a programmed one. Thanks in advance
  10. New wishbones or not ?

    Thanks guys for the input.I will be getting new ones now.....Anyone know which poly bushes are the best? Or are they all the same just paying for the name? Cheers
  11. New wishbones or not ?

    Going to be fitting poly mounts to the wishbones on my Mk1 and want to find out is it worth buying new ones and fiting them or fitting them to the existing ones? Thanks in advance. Will be posting this in the Mk1 section also.