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  1. mk2 golf 20vt

    Looks HARD mate! Love it...oh; and the home made exhaust hanger! =)
  2. Da Veedub Touran build!

    Spot on mate!!! =)
  3. Gloria the mk2

    This build makes me wanna have a MK2 again!! Awesome work there mate! Loving it!!
  4. That bloke that does insurance's car.....

    Love them seats! The logo is a nice touch also. I just scrapped my vr rado the other. Sad times
  5. my new passat b5.5 pd130

    Nice and clean. Ive had my highline b5.5 for 4 months now. Great cars. Get the coilovers on asap.
  6. corrado vr6 build

    Oh lord!!! Can't wait to see this all put together!!
  7. The Bluesmobile! Illinois Edition mk1

    Jeeze.....Amazing work on the rear end!! Wish I had your skill set!!
  8. Wow...good luck getting her ready for Edition!! I bet your itching BIG TIME to drive her!! lol
  9. That white mk1 on those Maserati rims

    Didn't even notice this tread either....Awesome work so far mate!!! Defo keeping and eye on this one.
  10. UNIX performance black GTI VRT (quebec)

    WOW!!! Amazing work dude!!
  11. My Bagged CC

    Looks so hard!!! Makes me wanna bin my B5.5 and get a CC!! Keep up the good work!
  12. Oscar - The Colourful Lupo

    Gotta get me one of these for the Mrs!!
  13. another ruined golf rallye

    So nice!! Keep up the good work dude!!
  14. Rotrex'd vr

    Keeping an eye on this. Good luck with the build!