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  1. mk5 golf stereo aerial question

    fair enough thanks both for your comments I've just ordered a cable. ill see about getting a ignition feed, it doesn't both me that much.
  2. mk5 golf stereo aerial question

    Hi have just brought a 54 plate 3 door 2.0 sdi mk5 golf. Its come with a after market stereo but it looks like the radio connectors haven't been brought. As there is 2 it looks like theres different adapter i need to buy could anyone point me in the right direction? Also I've have a look online and to turn the radio on and off by the ignition looks complicated does anyone have a cheap quick fix? Thanks in advance. Charlie
  3. hole in radiator

    had a cheeky crash nothing bad, but got home and there is a tiny hole in radiator, it doesn't leak a lot, it worth replacing the whole lot or is there a quick fix, the car is worth probably 100pounds so just wanted to see if anyones got any good tips! thanks! by the way its a polo 6n!
  4. Bagged Lupo says hello :)

  5. Bagged Lupo says hello :)

    nice lupo
  6. http://www.showroom-finish.co.uk/ he done my e46 amazing and best prices around and he price matches
  7. Tool help!

    Hi guys basically just asking for advise or a quote if you guys can do the job? Ive got a e46 2 liter 318ci 53plate face lift i got it to a garage to get the head gasket done and basically they said there waiting for the tool for the camshaft to be put back in. It been 5 weeks now and im starting to get abit pissed off! I rang bmw and they said its valtronic so can be lifted with the head so you dnt need to take it off. he needs a timing tool for a n42 chassis number, there will b 2 parts to the cam shaft tool, and one for the crank. He will also need a vanos timing tool. Just wondering if theres anything you guys can do to help me out cherrs=]
  8. camshaft help BMW

    basically i need a BMW e46 Twin vanos timing tool for the cam shaft could anyone let me borrow this for an hour or 2? thanks
  9. E46 help ...

    Just about to buy some x5 wheels front 19x9 et48 tyres 215 35 19 rears 19x10 et45 tyres 225 35 19 Would these fit on my e46 without spacers? I know ally of people say 20mm on front and 5mm on back but can I run them without for a while?
  10. Baby Got Back....

    any updates!?
  11. bora /r32 vents

    you can get illumnated ones and non illimunated ones.... but drivers side does light up
  12. window vandalism

    isnt thay only ment for paint though?
  13. window vandalism

    alreddy tried both of those
  14. window vandalism

    a really nice person done this to me at college looks like glue but its dried really hard i cant chip away at it cos it will smash the window anyone got any ideas how to get it off
  15. Das Corrado V-Reihenmotor Sechs