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  1. Recommended bodyshop thread

    Bodytone in wokingham, berkshire. We do custom work, insurance work, modifying, race cars, re-sprays, show cars, hot rods...the list is endless. As my dad says, if it stays still long enough we'll paint it!! We do alot of work for The Phirm and quite recently fitted a custom kit and resprayed 'project 4play' for Elliot at PVW magazine Reasonable prices and top work, check us out at bodytone.co.uk
  2. 5x112 to 5x120 adapters

    I've got a set of X5 rims that i'm planning to put on the Audi if its not too much of an arse to do! Firstly i need to know if i can get hold of some 5x112 to 5x120 adapters and secondly, and more importantly, will they fit without alot of arch work? I'm guessing with the adapters its gonna be a tight fit. Any help will be great
  3. My A4 1.8T, Resprayed white and slammed!

    Yeah the wheels are gonna be changed soon anyway, got some A8 mono's that i'm stripping to spray up body colour. As there a high offset and have a stretch on the tyre i'll be spacing the wheels out to sit nice with the arch. There only 17's though so might look too small but i wont know till there on. Headlights i'm thinking of changing back to OEM facelifts, only got them to match the white/black theme but think there a bit too max powery for my liking. I'm hoping i can take the lenses off from standard lights and black the insides Also plan to take the front bumper off and smooth the number plate recess and H/light washer jet covers Projects are never complete ar they!!!
  4. Here's my trusty A4 turbo sport, Freshly re-painted in VW candy white with high gloss black bits and bobs! Carried out all the work myself apart from the spraying, i'm mega pleased with it and everyone one else seems to like it so far. Whats your opinions? Here's how she started- A few in the process- Then all finished- I fu*king love it!!