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  1. Vw mk1 polo 1978

  2. 09 Scirocco Prosjekt 1302, The GQ-whip

    The only thing not to like is the cost of cars over there
  3. If the colour has to be changed...Aprikot would keep it the same but different. I'll be intrigued to see how it goes
  4. DSG retrofit; what's involved?

    It's an AUA 1.4 16v with Magnetti Marelli 4AV management, an earlier version of the CGGB used in the current Polo that can have DSG. Of course, I wouldn't necessarily be averse to an engine swap either, though I think that's a job for another car.
  5. DSG retrofit; what's involved?

    Hi chaps, I'm thinking of the above for my A2 and wonder what, apart from the physical fitment of it (assume that's not a problem for now), is involved, e.g. wiring in control units etc.. I think it may need a clutch next year and that would be enough excuse to change the box All help and info much appreciated
  6. b6 passat estate has no acceleration

    As it's a B6 I'll assume it's a PD, in which case the injectors etc should be ok because it didn't stop running. When it has the problem, does turning it off and on again seem to clear it? Change the fuel filter, run it on V-Power or put some cleaner through it, give it some exercise through the revs and all should be ok.
  7. What warranty? OCD's Fabia

  8. DTM; Diesel Tourenwagen Meisterschaft S4 bumpers etc would work, and it is a V6 turbo.
  9. Hello Mates

    Welcome Eleven years ownership
  10. SWB Audi Sport Quattro

    'locks I can only imagine how much of a handful it is, at least it's a crash out of the way and it was only a little one with no one hurt
  11. Canty's Caddy Camper

    Loving that interior, first I've seen campered but I'm liking the idea of one of those, especially with the dsg
  12. Vabric Volksrod

    As much as I've said to myself I don't want another air cooled...
  13. '09 Tiguan 4motion.

    DSG and panoramic roof Not too many Escapes about either, excellent find. Dynaudio retrofit?
  14. I love the alt teardrop and the Skandi lights, plus the pic on the bridge in the wet loaded up and working