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  1. i'm trying to find more info on the show, address, tickets etc.
  2. looks amazing mate! love it
  3. The Bronze

    what;s this pile of junk I'm seeing above? tryna look loww looool
  4. TDI conversion into mk1/mk2

    mate how much for a tdi conversion into a mk2 driver? engine, power figures & cost. thanks ... Asad
  5. 1.8t or bag my 6n polo ?

    1.8T no questions asked.. more than enough power to have a bit of funn
  6. ok long story short. i have a 1991 mk2 golf driver, spoken to pretty much every insurance company and the prices have just sky rocketed this year. where i was paying £800 with more than im now being quote nothing less then £1700!!! Thats a 110% increase! not good. Anyway usually i commute to uni at kingston but due to the stupid prices ive been quoted i might just move there. did a quick quote at a mates house & realised my insurance has dropped by over £1000. If i lived out what would i need to do to insure myself there? Change log book 2my name, and then insure myself as named driver on my own policy. Im 21 with 0NCB
  7. ahh guys ive beeen having the exact same problem!.. been on the phone to insurance companies all F*uckn week. Its a 1.6Carb, Im 21 & had my licence for 2years and the cheapest quote i can get on my own is £2900! Under my mum & dad with 2years no claims its still £18-1900!! i cant seem to find anything cheaper. What ever you do don't go with BG as from what ive been told there just out to screw you over. Swinton where the cheapest but again its defo a postcode thing. As when i changed to my mates address in kingston my insurance dropped by over £1000. insurance is a reall pee take to be honest! they really dont make it easy for young drivers. Will be giving Brentacre a ring on monday, fingers crossed. does anyone know of any other insurance companies?
  8. 8v gti cam in 1.6 8v

    Im from Hayes(UB3), its inbetween heathrow airport & uxbridge..hopefuly that helps. lol where bouts you from?
  9. 8v gti cam in 1.6 8v

    mate i got a 1.6 driver & i tried running a 1.8 gti head, blocking the injector holes & running a gti cam. but i just couldnt get the engine to run. it kept back firing n over fueling!.. if i put the 1.8 gti cam in, how far do i have to advance or retard my distributor in order for it to work? & do i need to re-jet the carb, or isit a simple case of fiddling with the mixture screw?
  10. ok, ive got a 1.6mk2 weber and its finally come to the point where its dying. ive spent so much money on just trying to keep it on the road. its been through a few engines but as parts are becoming harder to source ive finally given up. was at the scrappy yday looking for a sensor when i came across a lovely A3 1.8Turbo. its had quite a bad side impact n rear wheels are bent. HOWEVER mechanically its fine. spoke to the owner n hes agree'd i can take the whole lot for rather cheap. So my question is, if i have this donor car, how easy would it be to do this conversion and what would i need to do. mounting appears to be the same so engine should fit. i mean if someone had a step by step conversion thred. (would be highly appreciated loll)! have a mk2 Gti at home, no engine. no loom but fuel system remains so will be using this.
  11. stupid bloody car!

    wow ok, i have a 1991 1.6 driver and i finally decided to ditch the peirburg 2E2 for a nice new single weber !.. (got it from big boys toys actually). but yeah anyway fitted the carb pretty easy, fired it up & realised i was having idle issues, after a stratch on the hed realised my distributor was set up for the original carb. twisted it to the correct position and the car was fine. when to southampton and back (220) on £20or so. personally i think the weber a big improvement! both performance and fuel consumpton.