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  1. my mk3 golf. 16v to 20vT

    Found the vid. Isnt quite the first run but u no how it is. Also i have no idea how to upload it. Anyone?
  2. my mk3 golf. 16v to 20vT

    Right a few pics in order of the conversion Firstly obv took the valver lump out The new lump to go in. All painted up :-) The ko3 was nakered so upgraded to ko3s. Front end back on in this one. Air filter and fmic all piped. Almost there... Thats pretty much it really. Ill see if i can dig out the first run video :-p
  3. my mk3 golf. 16v to 20vT

    Yes we do jim. Lets wait till its dry eh ;-)
  4. my mk3 golf. 16v to 20vT

    One of the interior - flocked dash and swede omp Appologies for the dirt lol.
  5. my mk3 golf. 16v to 20vT

    ha no worries mate. its come along way and its so hard to keep this updated lol. i will try from now on ;-)
  6. my mk3 golf. 16v to 20vT

    All comments welcome.
  7. my mk3 golf. 16v to 20vT

    WOW just found this thread again lol. maybe its time for an update.....
  8. Fan wont come on

    Think iv sorted it. Need to look at fan control relay.....
  9. Accelerator cable 20vt question help

    Yes vr cable is the correct length
  10. Fan wont come on

    Hi guys. Iv just put a 20vt into my mk3 but the fan isnt kickin in on idle to cool the engine so its overheating. Im using the single fan and rad from the 16v it used to be and standard oe mk4 management. Today i replaced the temp sensor switch in the rad to see if it was that but still no joy. Its obv getting hot enough because its over a 100oC on the clocks. Any help much appreciated. Cheers mark