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  1. Mk5 golf wheel fitment

    Plumb the wheel and tyre specs into willtheyfit.com that will tell you the difference in inset, poke etc
  2. 8" sub recommendations

    Sorry should have mentioned I have a pioneer F70 DAB with sub out
  3. 8" sub recommendations

    Mana, tried Pm'ing you but not sending. Can you let me know details please?
  4. 8" sub recommendations

    Thanks for the replies. I've now purchased my amp which will dictate my sub choice. My amp is a Hertz HE1D 900w max 200w @ 4ohms 320w @ 2ohms 450w @ 1ohm Budget £100-200
  5. Removing mold from a whitish headlining

    I use Bilt Hamber Surfex HD and a soft brush. Dilute to suit and always test a patch
  6. 8" sub recommendations

    There are so many on the market it's a bit overwhelming. Don't have the amp yet so doesn't matter about ohms
  7. 8" sub recommendations

    Looking to fit an 8" sub in a custom box in my Tiguan. Box can be up to 10 litres. Anyone used/fitted an 8" before? Most likely Looking at an Alpine swr 84d or a Hertz ES
  8. Tiguan CR170 - family wagon

    I'm afraid it won't be bagged or anything too crazy
  9. The arrival of our first child meant my lovely B8 A4 had to go. Just didn't work with cloth seats and a small boot aperture so I went on the lookout for a Tiguan. Looked for ages to find one with a decent spec and this one came up locally and at a great price. Spec is 2.0tdi Cr170 6 speed manual Metallic black Full heated leather Panoramic sunroof Cruise F+R parking sensors with self park Off-road button Xenons with cornering MFSW Never intended to mod it but couldn't help make a few minor changes.... lowered 50mm on eibachs MK5 GTi steering wheel Pioneer F80 DAB HU with CarPlay 2012< gear stick LED interior lights Picked up some 20's for it, changed my mind a few times about them then ended up keeping them. Four Dunlop Sport 255/35/20's Things to do... fit component speakers with amp Build some sort of hidden sub enclosure Plus slowly collecting R Line body pars but they're hens teeth
  10. Yeah I did know but didn't give it a thought. I've emailed Gtechniq and they've advised to remove sign writing, Polish, panel wipe then reapply signs and coat around and over signs.
  11. I applied CSL and EXO to a friends new van which was subsequently signwritten a few months later. The sign writing has repeatedly come unstuck despite being reapplied. The question is, would the application of EXO cause difficulties for signwriting to stick?
  12. Bonelorry's Lemon Yellow Daily

    I always have the utmost admiration for your efforts with all of your vehicles. You always do what I'd like to do with all of my cars but just haven't the patience.
  13. Tiguan front speaker upgrade

    I have a recently upgraded my headunit to a Pioneer F80 and am now looking to upgrade my front speakers. Was thinking about the Focal 165as or the 165ps. Are the performance series worth the extra £40? Are there any other components I should be looking at? Around £100 budget Was then going to fit a bit of sound deadening to the door and around the speaker adapter. I have a two channel Vibe amp to run them, 75watt per channel, I'm not looking for audiophile quality, just a nice improvement. Any comments?
  14. Ive Looked into this before fitting a car seat to my leather. There are some videos on YouTube which show you how to do it. As they said above, gentle heat from a hairdryer then massage by rolling a golf ball gently across the leather. You're gently stretching the leather flat then cooling to allow it to constrict back flat
  15. Bridging a 4 channel amp

    Been out of the audio game for a while now. Looking for a four channel amp to run a pair of components up front and bridge two channels to run a sub. Question is, can you bridge any four channel amp as above? Some are advertised as 4/3/2 channel others don't mention the ability to bridge.