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  1. Snow ffoam

    I like the Kleen Freeks snow foam, not the best, but works very well ive found.
  2. mk3 golf

    im on a dolphin flip you and shizzzz
  3. mk3 golf

    Homo and Japanese? flip you Tim Haha don't worry ill be back soon x
  4. mk3 golf

    looking good man everyone keep posted i know shinsean has alot of plans for this baby so glad i sold it to a good friend. while i go off and play with some jap cars for a bit peace x
  5. mk3 golf

    under new management. shinsean is the proud new owner, and we have some plans.
  6. mk3 golf

    for sale http://www.edition38.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=377057
  7. Project *time warp*

    it is amazing..
  8. White MK2 Golf, White Wellers Pg 8

    oh mai daiz <3
  9. mk3 golf

    Shame about the weather ay i shall buy a pipe. and i must learn to charge my phone.. http://www.lowdailys.com/2011/01/dan-smiths-mk3/
  10. mk3 golf

    Quick update, just thought id share with you what my old inner cv joint looks like: in the progress of fitting the new one in the ice snow and frost.. good times.
  11. White MK2 Golf, White Wellers Pg 8

    I hate you. And your beautiful wheels.. Gonna reply to your pm nowwwwww woop
  12. shinsean's - jetta

    <3'd this car man. epic.
  13. Project:NotLow.

  14. mk3 golf

    haha thanks man.. lets break this down.. huh? hopefully.. saving for the next beast though so its hard you know it makes sense..
  15. mk3 golf

    Quick pic of the damage.. Taken on my phone so sorry for the quality!