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  1. A4 Avant 1.8TQS

    Not much progress unfortunately. Been having to deal with family issues and with christmas being at the front of everyones minds the car was the last thing I needed to mess with. As it happens though a fight with a pothole on the way into work the other day meant that I had to do something. 2 cracked alloys and one burst tyre means that I needed to source some new shoes for her. Had so many ideas of what I wanted and size and how deep a dish I wanted etc etc BUT I did have to think practically with having to have my son in the car at times too, so from this I have these Next on the list is to fix the busted shock and springs from the impact. I want coilovers but they seem to cost a fortune at the moment for one of these. It maybe a case of some Eibach springs but I will have to wait...
  2. A4 Avant 1.8TQS

    Bought the avant as a replacement for my 540i (Which I still have LOL) I wanted something less juicy and wanted something that I could toy with without the wife in my ear. LOL. I love my dubs but wanted something more. SO, a Kingfisher blue 1.8T Sport Quattro Avant come up on eBay. Very nice with FSH, Half leathers, Full electrics, and a very pokey 180bhp motor. A few issues when I got it were a very noisy rear wheel bearing and the ABS light was showing. The guy I bought the car off said he was unaware of this and knocked off £100 from the ebay asking price (WoooHooo) So got the car home and the rear wheels came off, Bearings out and replaced. A few pics Resized to 72% (was 639 x 477) - Click image to enlarge Resized to 72% (was 639 x 477) - Click image to enlarge Tow bar no longer exists on the car!! So, forward a month and I purchased an early S4 which was rear end damaged (Heavily damaged) They guy I got the car from had sold the engine and gearbox but I was mainly wanting the interior and other bits. Now in the process of swapping the interior out and a new RS4 B5 Recaro interior will be added to mine, as well as the factory Facelift Xenons. Next on the cards is my BBS LMRs if all goes well or something nice that catches my eye and the coilovers
  3. TDI conversion into mk1/mk2

    The A4 with a 2.0 170 engine please
  4. TDI conversion into mk1/mk2

    MK2 Syncro or A4 Quattro with PD130 or MK5 GTTDI 170. Want to keep it 4WD.
  5. Edition38 Show 2009..

    Id better get my Dub bought. Dont think my E46 Touring will look as good sitting with all dem Dubs!!!