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  1. Performance Upgrades to 1.8T 190Bhp BEX Engine

    pm'd you
  2. Hi Guys Its been a while since i was behind the wheel of somhing VAG, but i have just landed myself an A4 Avant 1.8T 190Bhp Sport Now, as it is, its nice, but its screaming for more power! So, what iim asking is: What mods can be done without rebuilding engines/internals etc? Im a complete novice when it comes to performance upgrades, but i suppose we need to learn/start somwehere! So, Im thinking a stage 1 remap, which ive been quoted £250, and will take it from stock 190bhp to 230bhp. What else can i do to increase figures? From what ive read up on im assuming things like: Injectors (which ones would be the best?) Exhaust (eaither custom or "off the shelf") Recirc Valve (007p) Silicone Tip Front mount intercooler Im looking at all the "bolt on" mods rather than engine rework. Any advice on the above would be very appriciated. Im sure there are many 1.8T experts on here, so im seeking your expertise! Thanks guys!
  3. Car audio Fitters Nottingham / E.midlands

    Or Try Phil over at "The Install Co", Leicestershire.
  4. 1.8T ECU replacement - no throttle!

    Giles, thats the correct procedure. I rekon thats your cheapest best option to try 1st before changijng throttle etc. Hope it sorts it!
  5. 1.8T ECU replacement - no throttle!

    I Had this problem many moons ago on my 1.8T , and it turned out to be the throttle body itself. Had no accelerator pedal at all, purchased a 2nd hand throttle body, fitted and carried out the adaption, all was fine! have you tried to carry out throttle adaption using Vagcom? Some ECU's may differ slightly.
  6. Mk4 key coding to dash / vagcom

    You'll need VAG-Tacho to read the clock PIN number. You'll then need genuine VAGCOM to code the new key using the PIN obtained by VAG-Tacho. Simple if you know what your doing, but if you dont, i would really reccomend leaving it alone. Hope that helps
  7. Need a New Amplifier.. 5 channel?

    What spec JL subs are they? With a 5 channel amp you are limited to power really as its all in one. Best route would be to go separate 4 channel and seperate mono block if your running 2 high power subs. You'll get more from your system doing this. However.... I have a genesis profile 5 5 channel amp running my full system in my golf. Im running focal comps all around and a 12" pioneer PRS sub, and thats perfect! I have a profile 5 for sale if you decide to go 5 channel, let me know!
  8. One for the BMW boys.....

    Thank you for your input!
  9. One for the BMW boys.....

    cheers does it matter if my car is a convertible? Guy selling them rekons they wont fit and will "stick out like a soar thumb" 330-singh: what size/ofset you running? Thanks
  10. One for the BMW boys.....

    hi guys, Hope someone can help before i blow some wedge on rims.... Im looking at some 18" rims for my e36 318is. they are staggered fitment, 8j front, 9j rear. ofset is et43 all around. Will these fit the e36 318is with no issues? Thanks
  11. Audi A4 B6 to B7 conversions....

    Hi Guys, Im currently thinking about an A4 B6 to B7 conversion. Ive been offered a really nice B6 A4 for a decent price, and just want to know how hard/whats involved on the conversions? Ive been told full front end required, anyone ever done this? Thanks
  12. Project Toy Audi TT!

    tie bars fitted, Will adjust it all and get pics up over the weekend! Going to finish off the audio install over the weekend. I think a detail'd clean will be on the cards as long as its dry weather!
  13. Clifford Alarm

    Lhotte, Cold weather will cause some issues. Check your battery voltage/charge. If your battery voltage drops (which it will in cold weather if its weak) this will cause the alarm to go off. Check that 1st. If not, maybe worth fitting a shock sensor and removing the ultra-sonics? Let us know how you get on.
  14. Project Toy Audi TT!

    Final bits of car audio arrived today! Will be getting most of it fitted over the weekend...
  15. Project Toy Audi TT!

    cheers bud! Its been a long one, but its almost there..