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  1. Project Doomsday mk2 16v on Weber 45's

    Whaattt, this is too cheap surely?!
  2. Mk2 golf won't start!

    Probably this, my 1.6 did it once when I was poor.
  3. Try maneuvering the lever with some mole grips. I can't remember having any trouble doing mine though. Not sure it will work but get someone to stand on the brake pedal then it should be moveable?
  4. Golf II GTD

    This is cool, look forward to more updates.
  5. 1985 1.3 Mk2 Golf CL

    Yeah carb icing, you need the pipe which runs from the manifold to be good, if it's no good or not connected then the carb will ice up and cut out.
  6. seized coilovers

    Try plusgas, much better than WD40. Leave it for a couple days to soak. Then put the adjusters in a vice and a pry bar in the bottom somewhere, should come off. Then a wire brush and copper slip should clear them ok.
  7. Correct bolt length for adapters

    Don't they say you should have at least 5 threads in the hub to be safe?
  8. Project Doomsday mk2 16v on Weber 45's

    I don't like them usually, but it just fits in with the rest of the styling. Top work
  9. Project Doomsday mk2 16v on Weber 45's

    You had to go near Chatteris, I'm so sorry, that must have been hard for you, what an awful place. The car is coming along well though, seems a lot of the time the progress is when something breaks! Good job you have the skillz to fix it, as well as fabbing up new stuff for the holset. My mk3 is going into the garage next week for turning into track toy. Definitely turning it into derv track toy, cannot wait to smoke my way around a track!
  10. arch roller in suffolk.

    I've got one in Norfolk pe33 but probably too far away.
  11. What valves do people use in the alloys

    No one is that anal, surely.
  12. front abs loom mk3

    Stupidly I didn't tie the abs loom to my coilovers and the fronts have been chewed up, mot fail cos of the warning light so I don't have the car, simple question, do each side just have connectors from the sensor to somewhere or will the old soldering iron have to make an appearance? I hope this makes sense it's write hard to explain!
  13. Jonny, here's the link to how I learnt. There are a couple of variations from the US fuel pump to the UK pump. The governor in the UK has only two spring as opposed to the three shown in the pics in that link so don't worry about that. The other main think I will warn you about is the throttle lever springs (you know the ones, just to the left of the top of the pump in the pic below) are a massive massive pain to get back on. You're best off using a combination of a screwdriver, mole grips, basically anything you can get to lever the spring round and wedge it while you attach the rest. Give us a shout if you need anything else.