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    Charged Vento;s and Slick Tyres..........................
  1. Hi everyone , I am after a good auto electrician in Essex near witham , I need them to have a look at my charged vento as I cant get it fired up.... Thanks Ryan

    Hi everyone quick question , does anyone know where the wires come from on an obd2 coilpack? I need to check if its getting power but not sure where the plug wire on the coilpack go to 1997 vento vr6 obd2 Thanks
  3. vR6 Vento not starting

    will have a look , thanks
  4. vR6 Vento not starting

    would that still let it crank? cause its turning just not firing
  5. vR6 Vento not starting

    Hi guys still having issues with the vento , vr6 obd2 1997 so I have changed the following new spark plus new coil pack new ignition switch new crank sensor new temp sensor and the vento still just cranks and not fires , I took off the coil pack wiring plug and don't get any voltage with the ignition on , this does not sound right. where does the coil pack get power from ? been 3 months and she is not running what else can I check?
  6. obd2 vento vr6 starting issues - starts but dies

    Thanks dude , thought it might be coil. Will see if i can get a spare coil
  7. obd2 vento vr6 starting issues - starts but dies

    Just the switch dude, worked ok for a week.then would not start.
  8. obd2 vento vr6 starting issues - starts but dies

    yeah I had to move it when I did the ignition switch , I tried another key. is there a way to try the see if the ignition halo is working??
  9. hi , vento vr6 obd2 1997 , started having issues with the ignition switch , which I changed and had no problems for about a week , Then I could not get the vento to start up , she would crank but not fire I changed the spark plugs and coil as they didn't look in good shape , today I managed to get her started , let her idle for about 30 min to charge battery and took her for a spin where she drove perfect.....came home and thought let me check if she would restart.....and nothing. she starts for a second and dies.... any ideas
  10. Good scanner tool for mk3 Vr6

    well the ebay lead was useless , so going to try the ms309 , I bought a more expensive one and that didn't work so will try that one next
  11. Good scanner tool for mk3 Vr6

    cool thanks dude , which version of ross tech do I need?
  12. Hi , looking for a good price scanner tool for the mk3 vr6 obd2 , something cheap as I wont use it all the time just to clear faults when needed. thanks
  13. VR6 Wont start / crank

    battery good dude , I even tried jumper box attached to battery and nothing. will have to try the starter motor trick.....
  14. VR6 Wont start / crank

    Yeah , can I bypass it?
  15. VR6 Wont start / crank

    Hi , the vento has decided not start , the cobra alarm opens and closes car . If you put key in ignition and turn it , it does nothing not even attempt to crank or start all power seems to be ok , starter was checked and told its ok , 1997 obd2 thanks ryan