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  1. Whats the paint code

    Thanks I wasn't sure. Would this be mica red as well Or what is it . Thanks!
  2. Whats the paint code

    Haha sorry I forgot the link http://speedhunters.com/archive/2010/08/02/car-spotlight-gt-gt-low-flying-golf.aspx
  3. Whats the paint code

    Hi Does anyone know the paint code of this mk2. I no its a corrado colour but I'm not sure if it's dark burgundy pearl effect or sherry red ? If some one could tell me the colour name and paint code it would be great. Thanks
  4. iv a pd130 conversion in my mk3 golf. just wondering have many of ye guys have done it. im just having a small problem with it .its slow starting up when i have the temp switch plugged in. when its plugged out it fires up right away. i have changed the temp switch and still the same problem. what lift pump are being used for these conversions im using a vr6 one . cheers.
  5. Edition 38 Event 2010?

    ah thats good i feel alot better leaving my car there then !
  6. Recommended hotel near by

    Can anybody recomend a good hotel for the weekend Something nice. Cheers .
  7. Edition 38 Event 2010?

    its better than no progress man.same with me im trying to get mine ready for the show i doubt il have my new wheels before edition there's always next year to show the car off finished tho haha i no ,hopfully my misses will stick out a weekend of vw's camping and me talking about muck when im drunk
  8. E38X | New Flyer

    i cant wait to come over it will be my first year. im just worryd about my car being damaged by tits in the show grounds. i feel more comfortable about it with extra security and that it will be tonned down so less attraction for chavs. is a bbq allowed in the camping area ?? and what about belongings do you have to leave them in ur car. because i will have my boot slightly opened to show the filler cap behind the tail light. would you lock ur belongings in ur tent ? should be a good
  9. Edition 38 Event 2010?

    cheers il be looking out for a g60 caddy nice one !
  10. Edition 38 Event 2010?

    hopfully alot more facial work before i come over
  11. Edition 38 Event 2010?

    yup il post a picture later i didn do the conversion another lad did it.
  12. Edition 38 Event 2010?

    there will be a few of us heading over from ireland,this will my first year il be bringn my pd130 mk3 golf . what would be the best hotel to stay around the area . looking forward to it
  13. my vento project

    i wna a change for green ,id 2 grenn ones already, oh nice ! thanks
  14. my vento project

    i have a 1.9 straight deisel, dragon green. i used to have a mk3 golf dragon green as well. i striped it down and put it all onto the vento. heres a picture of my golf the vento has , borbet a types 9'inch wide all around.i have flat caps and hex caps. i used to have 7.5 inch one on the front lowered on coilovers,their to soft tho makes the car arch getting dampening adjusting coilover next vr6 lip smoked indicator crystal bumper lights gti arches gti skirts black front and rear badge gti interior rear bora head rests chrome interior door handles door cards out of a later model vento black with the carpert and reflector on the bottom 00 polo gti geuine gearstick matt black pilars ,roof ,interior light ,sun visors ,handles. sony explode cd player muntant speakers all round what i have planned roll arches and flare them sprinter vent in the wing weld out the wing indicator's smoked head lights full eyebrow debadged gril german plates 50/50 tail lights,but i am going to use red film tint and them full red flushed front bumper flushed rear bumper flushed out badge on the boot.i have it welded and filled now just need to be sprayed i have to get a full respray in pearl white or cherry red with door moulds ,door handles ,side skirts ,front lip ,rear lip ,number plate recess , mirrors ,and roof will be sprayed magic black and the inside of the alloys in magic black aswell with a polished lip. new windscreen lighty tint the windows i thinking of using leather mk4 recaros for the inside 280mm momo team wheel i might a some tdi in it or a 1.8 16v in it rear axel with calipers and bigger front brakes then i can bring it to edition 38 :D im gettin the loan to do this soon cant wait il take decent pictures of the vento when i give it a good polish its hard to keep it clean in this weather ! sorry about the crappy picture! il bring the camera next time
  15. edition 38 2009 sunday pics

    nice pictures! id love to go