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  1. Radinox Dishes

    May have to take the tyre off to see if they're stamped. Wouldn't have the balls to do the method in the video! That's what makes me think they're Radinox, as I've owned them a year, I've never had to polish them. I just clean them every now and then with a neutral soap and water, always come up absolutely spotless!
  2. Radinox Dishes

    This may seem like a weird question, but I've got a set of Schmidt Moderlines, 3 piece splits, that I purchased second hand. How would I actually know if they're Radinox dishes? Is there a way to check to be sure? As I plan on selling them soon, so just wanted to confirm it beforehand.
  3. Fifteen52 wheels

    Wrong thread, my bad.
  4. Josh's Mk2 Golf

    The car is looking rather different at the minute. I'll do a proper update soon, but for now the SSR's are up for sale... http://www.edition38.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=506281
  5. Josh's Mk2 Golf

    Cheers, hopefully I'll keep them for a while, thats the plan anyway!
  6. Mk2 Diesel Daily

    I reckon all red rears would be perfect on this colour mk2
  7. Josh's Mk2 Golf

  8. Mk2 Diesel Daily

    Very nice. Other than the rear lights anyway
  9. Josh's Mk2 Golf

    Right here are a few quick photos we got earlier as I haven't taken any in ages! Josh's Mk2 by msurfer, on Flickr Josh's Mk2 by msurfer, on Flickr Josh's Mk2 by msurfer, on Flickr Josh's Mk2 by msurfer, on Flickr Josh's MK2 by msurfer, on Flickr
  10. Josh's Mk2 Golf

    Thanks. I'm not going for silly lows, but I'm quite pleased with how low they can go on 16s pretty easily. The larger wheels just means they have to be notched for any more lows. It will probably be up for sale soonish, I've had it nearly a year now and would like another mk2 with a slightly better engine
  11. Josh's Mk2 Golf

    I've been rubbish at keeping this up to date. I got the wheels on a couple of weeks ago, after respraying and rebuilding them countless times due to the paint being utter poop. I need to get some photos, but here is one Jake took at Editon I would like to get it sat better, I need to loose some of the camber on the rear and get a notch up front so I can wind it down some more. But I'm pretty pleased with how it currently looks. In other news the car passed its mot last week with pretty much no issues, which is always nice!
  12. Gold Rush

    What's your plans for it?
  13. Josh's Mk2 Golf

    Cheers Ben Thanks dude. Appreciate it. I cannot wait to get them built up and on the car!
  14. Josh's Mk2 Golf

    Picked up the dishes from the polisher the other day, so chuffed with the results. I've gone mad with sealant, so hopefully they will stay shiny! And then the paint finally arrived after nearly two weeks! So I've sprayed the centres at last. A quick look of how they will look when I build them back up Still need to order tyres, can't decide on what size to go for on the rear at the minute. 16s have crap selections!