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  1. Bodyshop in Heathrow area?

    Shamstar or Klear Autoworks
  2. Mk2 16v - Tornado Red

    That is a beauty!
  3. Princess ANN

    Looks great with the wheel set up now! Just a little bit more of a drop and it will look spot on! Indy
  4. Nav Birk at Birklean Detailing - info@birklean.co.uk
  5. 3pc wheels refurbishment in midlands

    Another vote for Dav at Pureklas!
  6. Just read through the thread.. Great work so far Paul! Please tell me you are keeping the MLs though! So much love for those wheels! Indy
  7. Definitely stick with the RAs!!!
  8. Tyre fitters in North london

    Speak to Jes at Euro Tyres in Wembley - 0208 902 1230 Tell him Indy sent you and he will look after you
  9. Refurbing alloys Berkshire/Surrey area

    Another vote for Dips at Custom Cars.
  10. This just gets better and better! That interior just... WOW :wub:
  11. Car of the show for me... Spent a lot of time looking at this!
  12. money no option

  13. 964 for all my life by Beli

    That looks lovely! One day I will own a 964 or 993