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  1. g60 center caps

    there at a bodyshop being resprayed till tuesday so just wanted to no otherwise i got to order the other ones
  2. g60 center caps

    i have some mk3 steelies 13" and got some g60 center caps was just wondering if they fit?
  3. mk3 steelies

    pooptown. ow well better than tsw 5 spokes ay cheers
  4. mk3 steelies

    i bought some mk3 steelies and about to get new tyres there 175/70 82t and was just wondering if there gona be huge and whether to get low profiles or stretched it possible? cheeers loz
  5. how much lamin x do i need for my mk3 headlights is 12x4 big enough or do i need 12x8? and whats a trimming implement? cheers
  6. idleing high

    my mk2 1.6 8v carb is idleing too high and its really annoying because its so loud at junctions and bascliy drives by itself so you have to keep braking anyone no what the problem is? ive had someone turn the screww to turn it down and its not that. loz
  7. helpp! water leakinnggg in

    was just the scuttle full up with crap and loads of water ive sorted it cheers for your help
  8. helpp! water leakinnggg in

    ahh mission not like a hole where the rain just pourss in? il leave the heater matrix for a while thats definaltly gone then
  9. my mk2 yesterday started pissing water in when it was raining under the dashboard on the passenger side and i parked on a slant and there was suddenly a big puddle in the backk. when i turn my heater on water pisses out the bottom middle dashboard. can someone tell me what the problem is please?
  10. mk2 1.6 carbertter mount

    ah wait yeah i have a the rubber flange what th carb sits on is that what you guys are on about?
  11. mk2 1.6 carbertter mount

    ahh ahh great cheers guys
  12. mk2 1.6 carbertter mount

    i have a new carb mount as mines corroded. was just wondering are they easy to fit or do you need a mechanic?
  13. my new mk2 1.6 8v driver

    ahh yeahh what about the black trim stuff does that not work as good?
  14. my new mk2 1.6 8v driver

    <a href="http://s830.photobucket.com/albums/zz222/lorenmk2/?action=view&current=carf.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i830.photobucket.com/albums/zz222/lorenmk2/carf.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a> not much progress just sorting out the engine at the moment any advice on what to do apart from lowering it?
  15. ahh yeah was on about the splatss they look well smartt