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  1. Project: Another Mk2 on RS's

    Oh Sammy
  2. Project: Another Mk2 on RS's

    Yes Samuel.
  3. Nevada beige Typ19 1986 mk2 golf

    Nice Robbo! Its nearly identical to my old white one, same millage and everything! Seeing this makes me miss it baaaaaad
  4. Marked Territory VW Fortnightly Meet

    I'll probably try and come down for this Robbo
  5. That silver mk3

    Glad that you and your passenger are okay Shaun. Hope the biker gets better too.
  6. ShoppingTrolley6n.

    Yeah, a while ago now! His new car is siiiick
  7. Haters Love Me!

  8. Project: Another Mk2 on RS's

    Fixed it for you James
  9. Project: Another Mk2 on RS's

    Sam "eBay king" Collier