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  1. Paint stripper recommendations please

    not tried it yet but was going to get some of this to strip some calipers down to bear metal http://www.frost.co.uk/vht-strip-fast-paint-remover-stripper-310ml-p575.html
  2. Calling CR TDI owners

    Just to close this as managed to work out the non issue. The cr140 and i'm guessing other versions of the later diesel engines, will not allow engine crank until the full warm up cycle is complete. Even asking VW master techs didn't seam to have a clue on this issue.
  3. Calling CR TDI owners

    Well this is the weird and wonderful. Ive tested the battery and good charge holding and cranking amps and charging. glow light just flashes. doesn't crank slow just a case of flick the key to start no crank for a couple of seconds then cranks as normal. if I was to switch off and restart would crank instantly.
  4. Calling CR TDI owners

    Just trying to find out if this is normal, as reading the manual, talking to some VW techs i'm not getting a clear answer. So.. Have have had for the last 5 months a 61 plate VW Touran 140 Bluemotion CR TDI, which has run fine etc but since the outside temps have started dropping over night when you turn the key to start it takes a couple of seconds before it cranks. Not cranking or non start just is slow to respond, VCDS log isn't throwing any useful information. After that initial start which as said is slow its fine. is this normal? would guess its the same CR tdi set up used across the range of VW blue motions.
  5. wheel milling

    3-4mm at max but is 6-7mm ok for the the wheel bolt face?
  6. wheel milling

    10mm between the rear face and the bottom of the bolt
  7. wheel milling

    Has anyone had this done? Need to bring my wheels in slightly so looking at having the rear faces machined down. I have 10mm between the rear of the wheel and the base of the bolt. Have I got enough to remove and be safe?
  8. idf plate plus camber shim

    As above, has anyone added camber shims to idf drop plates? Google has not come up trumps on this answer. Couple of guys in the states saying plates plus but to no extent of how much.
  9. smallest safe adaptor.

    Ok I'll change the question ref camber. How much should I run extra on idf correction plates?
  10. smallest safe adaptor.

    Already at -2.5
  11. smallest safe adaptor.

    Already at -2.5
  12. smallest safe adaptor.

    Want to get the lip on the arch
  13. smallest safe adaptor.

    Well 15mm is the standard amount of thread the wheel bolts got through. Thinking 10mm adaptor or taking the back of the wheel down by 5mm
  14. smallest safe adaptor.

    I'm running a set of Mercedes rx2 10j on the rear of my Mk4 and ideally would like them to sit in a bit more. I've got 15mm 5x100 to 5x112 on but would it be safe if I was to have 10mm? And where can you get them from? Would have asked g23 but their website says there not taking any orders. Thanks in advance.
  15. 02J Gear Selector Plastic Bushing

    Joel I found that under the mk5 turret setup. There shouldn't be to much diff in the parts though as vw love using the parts that work for so many years. Sometimes with nuts and bolts etc you have to buy the bag quantity if they don't stock them. Also the part is under body with the gear selector on etka don't ask why but there with the mk5