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  1. golf rallye rebuild

    is the grill still for sale cant message u says inbox full
  2. Haters Love Me!

    wow........ everyone needs to chill out. do what u want with your car dude an enjoy it. thought that wos what we were all about.

    loads of 195 45 15s available , im tryin to find some 185s for the fronts, not so easy to find ha, Theres always 165s if ur brave.....
  4. tyres

    jus an old set of RA's that i've had refurbed off the golf ,think there 7,s not sure. any prefered makes of tyre?, jus raggin it around an havin some fun in her but been told if i go for a stretch like the 165 the handling is a bit pants.Its lowered on avo,s .
  5. tyres

    what tyres sizes can i get for a 15" wheel dont want ballons from the 80's if u know what i mean ha ha
  6. all red lamin-x get them flashing orange.

    yer gis the link for these bulbs dude i got same prob. ta
  7. wanted

    need some grooved or drilled front brake discs 280mm
  8. wilwood four pots

    had a quick look but couldnt see parts sold separatly.Can u supply me with these brackets for the 4 pots ? they where on a 280 x 20 disc.
  9. wilwood four pots

    got some wilwood four pot calipers of a mk2 golf an the brackets that fit onto wheel hub are 95mm centres between 2 bolt holes where as i need 80mm centres. dont really wanna re drill as wont b much metal left between holes , basically does any one know if i can get these brackets ( uk wilwood suppliers?)
  10. mk 4 headlights

    yeh did that, snapped off the plastic bit , why has everything gotta b so fukin james bond ha ha
  11. Warm up regulator

    ha ha
  12. Warm up regulator

    i got 3 or 4 tins of old emulsion paint in me garage mate but wouldnt sell it to someone who was lookin get a better price than B+Q ..............
  13. Warm up regulator

    are they new ones or used dude, part no is, Bosch 0438140118 other no. 026133403. how much u lookin for
  14. Warm up regulator

    i have a mk2 scirocco 1.8 inj Ktronic , im assuming this woulb b same as mk1 golf cabrio . i only wanna blat this old girl round threw the winter but if i have to pay silly money to get er goin she s gettin scrapped
  15. mk 4 headlights

    Sorted , im curruntly training up my sons hamster to do it for me as i no longer have any skin left on the back ov my hands, should b done for new year. cheers all