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  1. lighting

    hi dose anyone know who the guy /company who was selling led lights and all that stuff at edition last year.forum name or contact number would be great. cheers jay
  2. gear linkage

    no one
  3. gear linkage

    right not my car but someone has asked me if they need to change the linkage on a 4 speed mk2 golf if they fit a 5 speed box on ???? if so dose any one have one. forgot to mention the car is a 1.3 and what other cars would he be able to get the linkage from if he did need cheers jay
  4. lightend flywheels

    anyone had an 020 flywheel lightend if so how much did it weigh after diet and how much do they weigh as standard
  5. Engine Rebuilt

    not mine
  6. why does my jetta whistle??

    did you change the tentioner as when they dry out they make a strange noise to the speed or the engine
  7. lowering mk2

    they are nuuuuuuuu
  8. lowering mk2

    any one know how to lower back of mk2 without cutting springs (eibach pro kit). looking towards spring seat / retainers. looking to gain 25mm drop. ps scared of hights :shock: