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  1. Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 20v OEM+

    Great price!
  2. Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 20v OEM+

    Nice! They look like they are in good condition. How much did you get them for?
  3. Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 20v OEM+

    Thats the same as my one! great sub. Got it and the box for sale if you are interested?
  4. Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 20v OEM+

    Knew it was gong to be you when I clicked on this thread. Great plans
  5. 1987 Monza Blue Mk2 Golf 16v

    Whenever I get asked this about some part all I want to reply is I got it from tescos or something stupid. Some guy had it in his roof for years.
  6. 1987 Monza Blue Mk2 Golf 16v

    Thanks Mexican. Yeah the mk4 motor is a straight fit. I did say that in my post
  7. 1987 Monza Blue Mk2 Golf 16v

    Bought a NOS parcel shelf for a bargain of a price. So I stuck it right in my car. Perfectly straight. And something that has been bothering me for a while. My drivers side mirror would only go side to side and would shake while driving along. So bought a new motor, They are the same as older bmws so cost basically nothing. Much better.
  8. My little mk4's complete rebuild

    I agree with you. But you have done more than modify it. You went to town on refreshing everything like you would a classic car.
  9. My little mk4's complete rebuild

    Really have to admire the effort put into this but why a 5 door mk4?
  10. 1987 Monza Blue Mk2 Golf 16v

    Drove the mk2 today and I have to say doing the timing on it has improved it so much. Very happy! And I swapped over the mk4 wiper motor. Literally a 5 min job to swap the motor over. Why hasn't this been done before? Didn't even have to take the whole mechanism out. And it's a massive improvement. Very happy with the mk2 today!! Fastest on mk2 motor. (Click picture for video) mk2 by Luke James, on Flickr Fastest with mk4 motor. (Click picture for video) Mk4 by Luke James, on Flickr One of the best and easiest upgrades I've done I think. Early type mk4 golf wiper motor. Literally plug and play. The plug is different on the newer ones I think. I hope I don't have to use them this weekend though. National meet time! Whoop Whoop.
  11. 1987 Monza Blue Mk2 Golf 16v

    Did a little tinkering on the 16v today after work, Checked all the spark plugs, inlet hoses for splits, ignition timing, and refitted the 5th injector, which is now working. And I refitted the ISV. Idle is still a little high though. 1100ish. The ISV buzzes and gets warm like it should though. So maybe that isn't my issue. Tried adjusting the idle screw on the throttle body but couldn't get it any lower without blocking off the ISV. Thought i'd check that the temp sensor was working correctly for the ISV control module. Thought it might just think the engine was colder so was idling higher. I checked one but then got distracted because the spade connection broke off one of the sensors. Checked one of the 2 for the ISV module though. I had to rob one off of an ABF engine I have (not for this car). The RPM did drop when I unplugged one of the temp sensors though. Clue for anyone? And the rpm drops when I unplug the ISV itself. How does the ISV that buzzes actually operate? does anybody know. I cant find much info on this type of ISV. Can find how the older version works. But not this one.
  12. 1987 Monza Blue Mk2 Golf 16v

    Thanks mk2mro! It feels like it looses power after around 4000 rpm so I started doing some health checks. I know these first ones shouldn't really affect the performance but I found out my 5th injector wasn't working even though it gets power when cranking. And defiantly had fuel getting to it. Got another one but I thought id soak both of them in fuel overnight and tap them to try and get some gunk out. Also soaking the idle air valve as I thought the idle was a little high. When I unplug it the idle drops to around 900 instead of 1100. It is buzzing with the ignition on though. Worth a clean while its off. Popped into TSR performance since I am local to them to ask how much to set the fueling up, £80 including a rolling road session. But first im going to check all the air hoses for leaks, possibly fit new inlet gaskets, new idle screw O ring, maybe get the injectors cleaned/try and get some new ones, and check the ignition and valve timing. While driving to Gti international last weekend and from driving a modern car for a while, made me realise how terrible the mk2 wiper motor is. Not sure if I just have a bad one but i had the one from a mk4 golf I broke recently and thought id compare them. Turns out they are a direct fit an even the mk2 plug, plugs straight in! Result. Mk4 top and mk2 bottom in most pictures apart from the one of the motor. Mk4 motor on the mk2 mechanism And here is some videos of a spare mk2 motor i had and the mk4 one. Doesn't look like much difference in the videos. Maybe i just have a bad motor on the car. But the mk4 wipers were very good when I drove it. Cant hurt to swap it over. Click for videos Mk2 Mk2 by Luke James, on Flickr Mk4 Mk4 by Luke James, on Flickr Will post proper results when I fit it to the car.
  13. Managed to have a little chat with you right before it started pissing it down, Very impressive in person
  14. 1987 Monza Blue Mk2 Golf 16v

    Thanks Stu! Ummm not sure about the exhaust make. Bought it second hand, Powerflow possibly? It's a whole system. Drones like anything though. Want to change it for something else to be honest.
  15. 1987 Monza Blue Mk2 Golf 16v

    Couple of bits done for hashtag inters prep. Full on cleaning shesh, about 5 hours for this result. Also used this iron X stuff on my wheels. Great result! And I got round to fitting the new door trim. Had this for about a year. lol. Old one had a tiny scuff on the edge where it had been knocked into a wall or something. Spent so long waxing and back to blacking the ground dried underneath me lol