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  1. 99' Audi B5 resto over "stance"

    Nice mate. Had a few b5's myself. Got loads of parts if you need any, just drop me a pm
  2. LY1B crew...Audi B5 Avant

    Looking good, love a b5. Kept looking at your vr and thinking about offering you a swap for b5 1.8 tqs Looking forward to the progress.
  3. A4 Cabriolet. Take 2...

    Not much happening on the car at the moment, bought an RNS-E the other day which I need to get fitted. Fancying a change of wheels already, really want some 19" splits so these are in the classifieds, could do a good price for a quick sale
  4. A4 Cabriolet. Take 2...

    Bit of an update. Been getting the car ready for dubfiction this weekend. So a few pics of the preparation. Had to use the car as a bit of a wheel courier. Really useful loading with the roof down. Gave the car a mop using the auto finesse kit and a black hole and nattys wax. And got them all fitted up and ready Really happy with it now. Sits nice and drives well too. There's still a long list to work through but I'm happy now I've got my stamp on it.
  5. A4 Cabriolet. Take 2...

    Well the rears on this are as high as possible and I find that plenty low enough, I'll get some pics up for you. Mine needs some paimt, amongst other things but I'll take it as it comes. Interior wise I dunno, full carbon would be cool but I've not planned owt, I want an rnse but again time and money. Keep the faith, they're quality cars and look wicked once you've added a touch to them. Well the runners that I used were from an octavia, which is the same chassis as a mk5. They will fit, so,e of the plugs may not tho. Just think how many people put b7 rs4 seats in a golf, it's just the same but opposite. Cheers buddy, stay tuned for updates. I love those wheels. Almost bought some off eBay when I got the bentleys. I'll message you when I decide I want new wheels lol, it'll happen eventually
  6. A4 Cabriolet. Take 2...

    Cheers, they're a good car and decent value for money at the moment. What plans have you got for it? I bought them from Capital Seating at e38 show a few years ago, i initially had them in a mk2 octavia vrs , but the runners are pretty much interchangeable. The vxr ones are based on the same seat, but slightly different, just remember you'll have to make some runners for them. Mk5/6 golf seats fit straight in and also rs4 wingbacks so they're an easier oem alternative.
  7. Absolutely loving it mate! I thought that Bora's had had their day, but this is astonishing. Works much better in silver, but a real shame about the U.S. boot, looking forward to seeing it all together.
  8. A4 Cabriolet. Take 2...

    Cheers, hope my updates will make it worth a look, lol! I put some s4 mirror caps on this weekend, love the look of them against the other ally on the car. Tyres have arrived and coilovers will be on by the weekend. More updates soon.
  9. B7 Avant

    So glad you've got the car back in one piece, this is one of my fave cars on here. Looking forward to the split rims!
  10. A4 Cabriolet. Take 2...

    That's the best for an a4 cab! Cheers for the seat love, they're the most expensive thing I've bought but literally the best. I'll have plenty of updates to come Cheers man, look almost OEM! Thanks, I love em.
  11. A4 Cabriolet. Take 2...

    So. Not actively had a build thread on here for a good year and as I keep a car a bit longer when I have a thread I thought I'd start another. Had various cars on here over the last few years but my fave was my old a4 cabby, which I prematurely sold after facing gearbox issues and losing faith. Here it was, in its former glory; When I started looking for a new car after my passat b3 runabout I was looking all over the audi range, I settled on a last minute ebay bid on this,a 3.0 v6 manual cab. Went to fetch it from Leicester and back home I came a happy man. And a pic with the temp daily Plans wise were always coils, 20's and a tidy up. I had a tidy up the week I got it, fitted my CS's that were say in the garage doing nothing I used the old runners from my Octavia and they fitted a treat. Bought some ebay special coilovers and some wheels which I collected tonight. Just come back from Lepsons before I bought them so pretty much a perfect finish. Should be on the car with the coilovers at the weekend. Comments welcome, I just hope it can be cooler than the last!
  12. Best person I know is Arun at ATD detailing. Search him on Facebook/Instagram he's based in Derby so right where you need it
  13. Audi TT 225 Quattro

    Looking great Kyle, such a change with the wings and paint. Looks purposeful!
  14. Audi TT 225 Quattro

    This is getting better and better, a real shame that you didn't get inside. It's gonna look epic when is been painted.
  15. Audi TT 225 Quattro

    Looking really good Kyle, your attention to detail is second to none!