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  1. Re spraying MK4 Golf - window seal advise

    when I colour changed mine. I stripped all the interior trim out including headlining and a good friend of mine who is a very good window fitter managed to remove them from the back without cutting through the rubbers and obviously re fitted after painting, it is possible but most wont guarantee it, glass looks poop without rubbers as ive seen on other cars
  2. Currently using de beer 8-214 with 8-140 hardner which is fine but does suffer from gloss drop a little over a period of time. and again after flatting and polishing. nothing major but about to do a full colour change on a friends car and hes prepared to pay for a more expensive laquer. what clear coats could anyone recomend that isnt stupidly expensive and will give a better quality finish ? Thanks in advance for any help
  3. advanced painter advice. 3 stage pearl white

    Painted all the kit off the car including front wings so everything was edge to edge
  4. advanced painter advice. 3 stage pearl white

    I know the pics arnt very clear due to poor phone camera and the sun is casting a shadow on the car but i onlu managed to get these before the car was picked up
  5. advanced painter advice. 3 stage pearl white

    Ok. just incase anyone was interested on how this job turned out. here are some pics of the finished car and the customer was more than happy with it. ......... I would just like to say thanks for the replies from people who understood what i was actualy asking and it did help me make up my mind on how i wanted to go about it in the first place.
  6. Arch replacement

    One of mines gone in same place. check rest of sill all way down as if its gone there it may have gone further down. and check drain holes. when these are blocked. thats what causes them to hold water. as for the repair. depends how far you want someone to go into it.
  7. what spray guns are you using?

    Used just about every iwata and in an ideal world i would stick to solvent an ms clearcoats through w400s.
  8. what spray guns are you using?

    the lph 400 are the step between w400s and supernovas...... are you using ms or hs clearcoats ?
  9. advanced painter advice. 3 stage pearl white

    Goin to try that first but dont fancy just blending into doors as i painted this car in the first place and know its goin to darken even if its a little bit. the car needs to be perfect in every way and there cant be no comprimise at all. any other colour would not be a problem but this really does show everything
  10. what spray guns are you using?

    Never used satas as i have always mostly used iwatas. used to use w400's for everything but now i use devilbiss gti pros. Base for waterbase. clear for solid colour. and iwata supernovas. base for waterbase and clear for laquer. nothing else i have used puts clear on like it. also use the old gti's for solvent and a gti with a 1.5 tip for full hits on vans
  11. advanced painter advice. 3 stage pearl white

    Vw owner. yes the pearl effect is more intense than just a metalic or pearl basecoat. its similar to a flip and the best effect is when the sun hits it. And cheers for that max. Id finish the pearl like that but my drop coat would be after 2 full coats. And its just that you can always learn something new off other painters no matter how experienced you are. thats why i was curious on other peoples opinions.
  12. advanced painter advice. 3 stage pearl white

    Totaly agree with what your saying. hence why i felt the need to ask other peoples opinions. and as you will be aware. yes the prep on the kit has been very tedious so even more the reason as all jobs should be. wants to be right first time. Im putting this off till next week now so at least ive got the weekend to think about how im going. to do the thing. thanks for the replies. all input is much apprieciated and just confirms mostly what i was already thinking. Just one more thing. how do you guys like to apply a pearl as i know of someone i used to work with do it different to how i would.