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  1. Having to replace the heater matrix on my a3 i have the dash off but can not figgure out how to get the heating system off to get to the matrix can anybody shed some light on this?
  2. I'm looking to put the seat cordoba splitter on my mk3 golf i@ve heard it will need trimming abit to fit on has anyone done it and could shed some light on what needs trimming? also does anybody have a part number for one or have one spare?
  3. Mk3 VR6 clutch info

    the slave is on the outside of the box on the top of it would just need swaping and bleed the slave to get a good peddle.
  4. mk3 vr6 bogging down

    I've had the codes read and all it came up with was maf and charchol can so i changed the maf and removed the charchol can but dident fix the problem
  5. mk3 vr6 bogging down

    Sprayed ht leads and coil and no arching ot sparking
  6. mk3 vr6 bogging down

    Ok bud over the metal part of the leads down into the engine or just the rubber parts of the leads?
  7. mk3 vr6 bogging down

    Just checked the ht leads and it doesnt seem to run any worse if i take any of them off n one of them was sparking off the top of the metal but where the lead attatches
  8. mk3 vr6 bogging down

    Havent changed the leads yet as they look ok no cracks or anything in leads or coilpack, its obd2 so doesnt have a idel valve, i dont have the ht lead removal tool so have to pull out by the lead
  9. mk3 vr6 bogging down

    changed the crank sensor and its still starting then cutting out and struggling to start.
  10. mk3 vr6 bogging down

    I dont no the age of the leads as the engine was a donor with no engine history Its only missfired once i think its mainly just the bogging down witch isent all the time
  11. mk3 vr6 bogging down

    Would that cause the bogging down when accelorating as well?
  12. mk3 vr6 bogging down

    Changed the maf and its still bogging down under load and sometimes cutting out when starting
  13. Chassis notch coventry

    Anyone no of anywhere i can get a notch done cheapish around the coventry area?
  14. mk3 vr6 bogging down

    Had new plugs 2 weeks ago but not new leads It seems to be intermittant as it was bogging down for abit then stopped for awhile then started again.
  15. mk3 vr6 bogging down

    went to the sump scraprs meet last night and on the way there the vr started bogging down under acceleration after awhile it stoped and seemed fine and then started again on the way back and i'm not 100% but i think it might of missfired at one point. any ideas what it could be? maf? throttle body?