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  1. Beefs USDM MK4 5x112 stud converted

    Well its been a while Time to update this poo. For those interested, this is quick recap of the Mercedes shenanigans The short story is some wifey pulled out on me on glasgow road as i was going to work the sunday before xmas. Car got written off and i lost all the parts from it as the insurers needed me to have Cat B breakers licence! so my Wooden nardi, H&R springs, US boot plinth, sounds, head unit, genuine MB rubber mats, a momo steering wheel, wobble bolts, 2 MK4 subframes (one being half a shorty) and numerous other things i keep remembering about are all gone. My shoulder is a bit foobar'd but im alive which is the main thing Ayways, flip all that. new one is a 93, 2.2, electric leather and those pillarless windows. Just fitted a South african spec sump guard to save smashed sumps (many in the bora and 2 in the benz), just need a pair of rear arms and the 3 spokes are going on! So i found another thing that's been lost in the boot of the 280......fliping centercaps! Thats it so far, Pegasus are on it just now as it sits in the unit for winter, Brake upgrades and suspension shenanigans to follow.
  2. Beefs USDM MK4 5x112 stud converted

    Yeah mate, need to get back on it. Needs Coilovers! not touched it in a year
  3. Beefs USDM MK4 5x112 stud converted

    Thanks dude, They should be going back on quite soon
  4. Beefs USDM MK4 5x112 stud converted

    Ahaaaaaa, Long time since I posted in here. may as well fire some pics up
  5. Beefs USDM MK4 5x112 stud converted

    Me too dude, but i think they look best n the bora Should be sexier soon, Getting the Pegasus machined out to Mercedes centerbore Wheels off and it looks like this...
  6. Beefs USDM MK4 5x112 stud converted

    Saving for epic coilovers in the mean time some mercedes daily action.
  7. My reeses piece..

    Looking good Travis.
  8. Beefs USDM MK4 5x112 stud converted

    up the A92 Cheers dude
  9. Beefs USDM MK4 5x112 stud converted

    Cheers dude, Means a lot So the tear down begins! I knew there was a foobar'd wheel bearing but didnt know it had failed so massively! CV joint had sheared too. whole underside of car is in a sorry state with being left out in the elements all winter Going by the rusted patch, this is where i need to make clearance for the inside of the wheel. (Tubbing wheel wells might happen at some point) Coilovers are knackered as well, time for some custom shorties for the front i think. Good old auto notch! Need to get the hole saw out again! Everything underneath needs a good clean up, need to replace the bell housing because of some sheared bolts with easy outs snapped in them. Back up to the car tonight, steering rack and down pipe off hopefully

    Very OEM feel to them, will look good. only thing better would be 18" Monty 2's!
  11. My mk3 VR6T

    I wanna be in the convoy with this and Daz' when its finished, gonna be boooooooooooooooosty!!!
  12. My reeses piece..

    How long till they ship to you?
  13. My reeses piece..

    IDK about these.
  14. Beefs USDM MK4 5x112 stud converted

    After long gap, love for this thing has returned. Got it up to the unit the other day, going to start the tear down tonight a few pics of the dirty whore as it stands...