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  1. New mk1 caddy owner caution needs work

    Looks like a good project Have fun with the welding, old VW's are good to learn on as the panels are pretty thick - I learnt on old Triumphs and VW's and was amazed how easily Focus wings distorted (because the metal is so much thinner) when I was asked to delete some side repeaters for a friend! Get yourself an old door/ wing/ bonnet and practice on that before you commit to your first patch on the actual vehicle and you'll be away
  2. Mk1 golf driver R

    Great work so far, look forward to seeing this progress
  3. Mk2 Bready :)

    Wow! Can't believe how clean your car is, my first two cars were breadvans, and '86 and then an '88, neither were as clean and that was 14 years ago!!! Looks really good with the BBS and drop. As mentioned above the brakes are really not great in these, I ended up with a set of Mk1 GTI calipers and discs, pagid fast road pads and a set of custom braided hoses on my second one, gave a really useful upgrade in braking power for not much cost.
  4. Horney's MKII 8v GTi Track Toy

    Looking forward to seeing how this turns out... if it looks half as good as the BTCC car in the picture it'll be lovely
  5. Yes, been done before - look for pics of Danny Allen's orange mk1 16v
  6. recommend me a cream....

    Could you go to Halfords and have a look a the colours they have on the shelf and choose one in a shade you like?
  7. My stretchy and pokey mk2 project

    Absolutely this^ - If you're Dad got the Policeman's name I'd pop down to the local station and ask to speak with him, explaining politely and calmly that you understood that your car was completely legal and that you'd like to see what legislation it is that makes the car illeagal. Be polite and see what happens...
  8. Looking forward to reading next month's PVW Mark
  9. Sixteen's 1990 Black OEM+ 16v

    Beautiful car, aiming to bring mine up to this sort of standard over the winter (funds permitting!).
  10. Project Black Hawk

    Do you still have the original S2 Mk1 dash surround? A friend was looking for a red stripe dash surround a while back if you're interested in selling? Rob
  11. Looks immense on the Borbets Mark, congrats on the trophy too
  12. Powder coaters in Reading/ Berkshire

    If it's a quality job you're after The Wheel Specialist in Southampton (well just outside) do very high quality work - bit of a trek, but probably worth it - the finish they've got on my wheels (and my Dad's) is superb. Have a look on Shakey's blog for an idea of what they're work is like, don't think you'll be dissapointed.
  13. Not sure if you've sorted this already, but Luke (http://www.lgautoworx.co.uk/lgautoworx/home.html) has done a lot of work on my car and many friend's inc. Chris at Regal's GT3 and has always done a sterling job... worth a call.
  14. Look forward to seeing this with thenew interior Mark, I hated that ABS lump on the dash, could never understand why such a bodge job had been done of sticking in when the rest of the original VR conversion had been done so well.
  15. Really looking forward to seeing how this comes on; am trying to put some money away at the moment for an R32 swap hopefully later this year, will be very interested in seeing how you get on