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  1. Mk2 Golf G60

    Casually running 2 x Bugatti Veyron fuel pumps... Well doesn't everyone?
  2. The Florida blues

    That's the tits. Top work!
  3. hattie the type 19 ....

    Will be watching this.... Loving the white MK2 too
  4. Kenwood or Pioneer Double Din?

    I've got a Kenwood single din pop out screen in the van and it's a bit dated compared to the Pioneer software wise if you ask me. The Pioneers seem easier and quicker to navigate so based on that and the fact I've always thought they sounded pretty good (and have a great reputation for their high end decks) I'd choose Pioneer.
  5. keeping screen on whilst driving

    Just put a switch in, hidden away somewhere - so if you get pulled flip it - then if you get asked to prove it cuts the screen when the handbrake goes down, you can.
  6. Tablet instead of HU

    Some guys in the US have done it with an iPad going into an Audison BitOne then on to the amps - try YouTube for it, it was in a Prius or similar - that Audison box is the penguins plums.
  7. Bass Tubes.

    Loved my infinity kappa 12" tube....
  8. sub enclosures?

    What do you want it to do? Drop low, hit hard, have a good even response or sound very musical? Or simply bash the fk out of 1 frequency to hit high SPL? Cos what you're after will influence the box design. Is space an issue? Can you amp both or have you only got enough juice for 1 hence the passive radiator idea? Are the subs DVC? What impedance are they?
  9. Wire connection method?

    A ratchet crimper is the best way but if you'll never crimp a wire again see if you can borrow one
  10. Mk2, strip down, re paint and R32 swap

    Looking really sweet - if you're going for the Mk5 engine and thrones, i'd complete the hat trick with a Mk5 colour too
  11. Arch ememy

    Ghetto rolling! I'd also like to know of someone who comes well recommended in the South East - Brighton / Eastbourne area - to do the arches on an E39 5 series.
  12. Matching RMS'

    And to put some of those wattages into perspective, the ass kicking sound system in The Syndicate in Blackpool in their 2400capacity main room has 107kw. So any car running half that has to be pure madness! (love it)
  13. Matching RMS'

    Ideally you want to run a more powerful amp than your speaker rating to give you some headroom - it'll sound nicer. And you're more likely to kill speakers by underpowering them than overpowering them.
  14. any one ever heard of dls audio

    Yes DLS is good kit. As for the ratings, you will find generally especially in SQ circles the more high end you go, the more conservative the power claims are. This originally was for competition, as IIRC you were classed on the 12v book rating of your amps - but at 14v (closer to normal) they put out a lot more. It meant some Soundstream amps for example were rated at 2x25w for example but powered and loaded right would kick 4 times that easy. As for now though I think it's because the high end firms don't need to willy wave like Vibe, Fusion, etc....
  15. MK3 Golf Alternator Upgrade

    I'm pretty sure some of them are 90A ones, so just be sure you're getting the right part no.