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  1. What a great thread .. Correction in 2 days, come on guys .
  2. Chemical Guys Woolly Mammoth or the Yellow Uber drying towels, they have to be the best out there in my opinion ..
  3. Shampoo - Sonax shampoo - OK, loads to choose from.. clay- Bilt Hamber.. polish- Megs 105/205 (still deciding on pads - Chem Guys Hex Logic, Green, White Black and Red) glaze- poorboys black hole wax- dodo juice purple haze - Not a bad choice at all.. I'm already have megs wheel cleaner, sonax carnauba wax and glass cleaner What polishing pads should i choose for megs 105/205? i'm thinking of 3m pad kit , but maybe you can suggest something better? Hex Logic ..
  4. Bilt Hamber Auto Foam and Envy Bubbly Jubbly ..
  5. Be careful with caustic cleaners on leather, it will start to eat the poly clear coat over time and defo not a good idea on old non seal leather.. A water based cleaner and some heat will be your friend when cleaning leather, just not to much heat, or you will ruin the surface ..
  6. That's Northampton VW for you, you ought to see the state of their new cars, truly shocking some of them ..
  7. Russ Briggs at Reflectology, another top end detailer ..
  8. P1 is pad dependant and fills like a mother, so make sure you wipe down properly, and then again.. It doesn't seem to like our climate, in the hot dry countries it works a treat .. P1 is more akin to 205 rather than 105 ..
  9. detailers in bucks area

    Speak to Andy at Unique Detail near Luton, you won't go wrong with him. I would let him work on my vehicle, and that I don't say lightly ..
  10. Rotary polishing

    Try relaxing with the machine, often when tense it will walk around or if you tilt the machine, it will also have a little walk around.. Just keep on practicing until you get a feel for the machine, then you can start with using higher speeds, edge of the pad, edge of panels and introducing heat as and when needed .. Some machines aren't so stable at lower RPM's, but practice with the machine will allow you to learn its quirks..
  11. Strong wheel cleaner

    As above or.. AS Smart wheels at a stronger dilution, then ironX and some IronX gel. If not removing then yes, something much stronger may be needed, you may also need a good few goes to get clean.. Or just wait until you get refurbed ..
  12. Sparkling Alloys

    If you want shiny, you will need to polish to get the best look. It is all in the prep. Yes, take them off for a proper job, sort your arches and suspension components etc while the wheels are off. Dynax UC is good for protection suspension etc.. I personally would use a coating on wheels, but that can be topped with a wax or sealant of your choice ..
  13. T-Cut is basically a filler heavy cleaner..