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  1. The Low Morals Parts Runner!

    glad my number plate idea came off nicely!! very trick plus functional!!! WELL DONE PLUS TINY PAT ON THE BACK FOR ME
  2. 1999 mk4 golf v5 pickup?

    looking awesome this
  3. mk3 golf van project

    coming along nicely
  4. The Low Morals Parts Runner!

    looks mint!! id drill holes through all the lettering on the number plate to get some air to it!!
  5. not another mk4 derv

    OMG........ so i picked this thing up tonight..... drivers door module is fubared,drivers rear caliper is sticking on, headlights dont work(least its just the bulbs)drivers seat wont clip down on the mech, passenger seat winds up but not back down, all the interior bits are either creaking or broke!!! anyhow this is what we do!! so tommorow its getting the brakes and headlights sorted!! the rest il niggle at over the comming weeks!!! but its gonna get a full lick as every panel has marks plus a us rear tub for my private reg, (custom plastic welded by me coz thats what i do) haha coils on saturday hopefully if theres any left in the pot this week!!!pisc and updates from to tommorow,,,,, tbc .....
  6. not another mk4 derv

    right guys just bought this, its a mk4 gttdi 3dr in pearl grey and needs alot of work, which is why i got it for a song!! plans are im going to do this up and go worthesee in it next may, here are some starter pics of the condition ive bought it in.........
  7. Shellby - mk1 gti restoration

    yeah this looks like its gonna be another on my watch list!!! keep up the good work!!!
  8. My Mk3 Project - Grey is my favourite colour..

    defo ^^^^^^^ what he said!!!
  9. Arez's VR6

    keeping a watchful eye on where this goes
  10. Mk2, Carbon roof, T45 cage and 'tings

    yeah love where thios is going man!!
  11. Golf mk4

    as peeps previously said... dont rush dude!!! theres other shows and you want the wow factor!!!
  12. Gold Rush

    "dig 2 clit" love it
  13. Mk2 golf gtd van

    as above^^^ cait wait to see progress on this!!
  14. A4 DTM B7 sprint blue goodness

    big love for dtm's
  15. RS4 AVANT B7 - Fastmonkey's new ride..........

    my mate had the same colour in saloon, with the non res milly on too, sounds like gunfire getting up the revs!! pure sexual!!! if i remember right miltek downloaded the noise on his phone to help him make his mind up!!! oooossshhhh!!! jealous as!!!