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  1. mk3 golf

    ..... this car is porn ! ..... iv seen it working its magic.... ..... Bump keep your eyes peeled ...... ..... this is going be a stopper ! .....
  2. mk3 golf

    bump whats going on with this baby?
  3. mk3 golf

    i think this car is one of the nicest mk3's i have seen and for a daily, a epic clean car you should keep it:( !
  4. mk3 golf

    get it on show and shine for edition ! this is one of the cleanest daily i have seen the pics aint do it justice !!!! keep the good work up cheeky
  5. mk3 golf

    love you
  6. Project: "Why are you in a van?"

    updates son ?
  7. mk3 golf

    will be cheeky for edition 38 .... "watch dis space "
  8. mk3 golf

    iv spotted this cheeky car, its looking rather good son, love the seats sets the car off so well, and the other cheeky additions, looking forward to seen this in its glory at ED38
  9. Project: "Why are you in a van?"

    progress son pics?
  10. mk2 jetta

    love it
  11. mk3 golf

    the flat caps look mint xxx
  12. mk3 golf

    Badge looks cheeky Sweet mk 3 lado
  13. help supercharger g60?

    how can i tell if a supercharger is worn or on its way out? or is that not possible? what do i need look out for many thanks nath
  14. shinsean's - jetta

    looking forward to seeing her back on the road