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  1. Cupra R, Airlift , 3SDM and some fresh paint

    That is beautiful! Miss mine so much! Will be keeping an eye on this!
  2. Something a little different, 1989 944 S2

  3. Phantom Black 2006 B7 RS4

    Very very nice mate! Need to get myself one!
  4. My New Mk7 GTi

    3 great cars you own there mate! Really love the mk7! I'm trying to persuade my misses to get rid of her mini for one
  5. John's Mkv Edition30

    Unbelievable car mate! Need to get mine to this standard! All those carbon subtle touches...outstanding
  6. EIG - Mk5 Tornado Red Edition30

    Awesome car mate! Where did you purchase that wonderful front badge from?
  7. Rich's Mk1 Jetta. Soon to be Mtdi

    Lovely mate! A true build! Keep up the good work
  8. DanChave's MK3 Cabby :)

    So much love for this mate! Cabby's are awesome!
  9. 2012 Beetle Design

    I really like the new beetles....even more so bagged!! Awesome so far mate !
  10. my b5 s4.

    I knew I should have bought a B5 S4!! Awesome car mate
  11. Everybody meet Mick Hucknell !

    Love this a lot mate! Can't wait for more updates

    Perfection mate! Love it
  13. Buddy MK1

    I have a serious amount of love for this! Absolute perfection buddy! I can't wait to read more
  14. a Belgian black MK7

    Awesome looking 7 mate! Keep it up!
  15. Adam's A6

    Seriously badass man!