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  1. Liquid yellow s3

    Still looking good does the old girl! One little thing to mention is to swap the weeks around as there direction is incorrect
  2. OEM look setup

    Been thinking about upgrading my stereo in my s3 but i want an OEM look headunit, at the moment it has a concert tape player headunit with cd changer and bose sub. I've been thinking about getting a cd player concert headunit so i can do away with the cd changer but i have an X-Carlink bluetooth handsfree kit and ipod kit so i want to keep this, I also want to do away with the standard bose sub and amp and upgrade these with better componenets so what do I need to conect the OEM headunit to an aftermarket amp? cheers
  3. Cleaning tacky dash

    Mines an X plate.. I work in a garage and have had a few customers cars in before like it to and not just VW
  4. Is there a product out there to clean my dash on my mk4 it's got a sticky touch to it, I've cleaned it with a few different cleaning products so its clean but it's still got the sticky touch to it where it feels dirty! It's not over the whole dash but in areas mainly where its used like glove box etc same with the door grab handle Also my door cards get really streaky if I open the doors when it's raining Cheers
  5. Noggy Audi S3

    Looks like you have a cracking example there mate.. And also looks like its getting better
  6. Mk4 gti (my daily)

    yeah there still on the car the Range Rovers were only trial fitted on will have a look at them this week but i think there reps seems there rare also as i could'nt find any on ebay
  7. Mk4 gti (my daily)

    not to sure on the wheel specs on the audi wheels mate sorry
  8. Mk4 gti (my daily)

    yep brought it from Tom last sunday. yeah wheels won't be staying yellow if they stay on
  9. Mk4 gti (my daily)

    Thought id start a proper build thread on my new daily seeing as ive never done a proper build thread before, I've done a little one on my S3 but its not a proper build thread so to speak. Dont expect a huge build here but knowing me it will end up as one. Ive already lowered the front a bit on the AP coilovers it came on and changed the front lower control arms to Audi S3 items as it has a S3 anti roll bar fitted to it. Whilst doing this though ive found it has a bent o/s/f hub so thats been ordered and will be getting changed this week. I've also trial fitted my Range Rover alloys from my S3 onto it but now im left unsure wether to go ahead with it or not im wondering if the colour is whats putting me off....hmmmmm opinions? current spec; Audi quattro alloys AP coilovers 312mm front brake conversion 4motion lower skirts 3inch down pipe miltek exhaust revo map laminX headlights boot build with false floor and kenwood sub and amp Recaro leather interior Black trimmed head lining not to bad a spec to start with
  10. Mikes MK4 R32

    interesting to see how the tvr's suit the r32, seen them on a tt before which looked good
  11. DanChave's Flash Red GTI 16V!

    Good work mate, makes me feel it could be worth investing some time into my 6n
  12. Mk4 R32 DPB Project Carbon

    Love this really nice subtle mods top work!
  13. My Vento

    Like that