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  1. need a audio installer

    looking at getting a sub, amp, and speakers fitted to my rns510 is there any audio installers who could fit this for me in the yorkshire area willing to pay for the service. Cheers. pls pm
  2. 8" sub

    Get the kicker crv8 it's on a par with a w3 heard it in the shops apparently a really good USA make
  3. Kicker cvr8 sub

    Apparently meant to be a really good sub any ideas?
  4. Jl 10w3

    Am looking for a decent sub don't wanna spend loads ave got this amp at te mo http://www.incar-emporium.com/product_info.php?cPath=13_224&products_id=1480&TeKnoID=0e9d3nj2rue23vvqqmaqbegt16 Would the 10w3 jl sub work with this cheers
  5. R32 Headlight Help Igniter!

    you can get the part number for one from a bora then its a pigs ear to change over hence why vw dont do the ignitors/ motors as single items, However i know you can change them as av been sad enough to do it... pm oldno7 on ukmkivs hes a lighting expert he helped me through most of it, basically though trace the wires and cut and solder each wire to the new ignitor from a bora jobs a carrot its just fiddly mate.