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  1. Seat Trimmer - Recommend me

    Davethetrimmer near Milton Keynes. Absolutely spot on.
  2. Supercharged Golf Mk2 20v

    Loving the power steering install! Would you be interested in making the mounting brackets and selling if needed? Maybe even the pipe dividers?
  3. Pearl Grey B*****D

    Very nice mk2! Nice and subtle style to it.
  4. Pristine wheels in mk?
  5. Ko4 rebuild

    Thanks for the advise!
  6. Ko4 rebuild

    Hi I've got a ko4 turbo upgrade to fit and while it's off thought best to rebuild it. Can anyone recommend a kit you can buy? Thanks
  7. Abs delete

    Hi, the corrado I'm in the process of building won't be running the abs set up. What servo and master cylinder do people use/recommend? Thanks for any help
  8. 92 Aqua Blue Corrado VR6

    Tt wiper arms is a must on all the corrados I've had! Originals are absolutely useless.
  9. Mk1 20v daily

    Bay looks spot on!
  10. Corrado VRT

    Engine looks spot on!
  11. That's the company that I've seen doing parts, thanks for the info
  12. Looks a stunner! Has the chrome been painted, I've seen a flocking company that offers chrome paint and wondered what the quality was like? Interior looks awesome too
  13. Air fitting!

    I agree, too small to be 1/2"! http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=151235209333
  14. Custom Interiors

    Davethetrimmer in Milton keynes