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  1. Rear break caliper leaking

    Bristol, Peterborough a bit too far im afraid. Thanks for the offer though
  2. Rear break caliper leaking

    If only I was 25 or over....
  3. Rear break caliper leaking

    Ah, I see what you mean now, just tried phoning a few part stores which are open and they can only order them in for tomorrow. I think ill have to get insured on parents/friends car for tomorrow whilst I take it back to the garage. Don't think I am willing to risk trying to block off the hose, imagen trying to explain that to the insurance company if I had an accident! Thanks for you help!
  4. Hi guys, Had the car serviced on Friday, last night the handbrake light constantly flashed with a message saying "stop" with a brake issue. Noticed there was a small puddle on the inside of my drivers side rear tyre. Took the tyre off and break fluid is leaking from the connection below. Now its Sunday, the garage which I took it to is closed and I start a new job tomorrow so don't want to be late! Is there anything which I can do in the meantime to sort this issue out? Is it a case of pushing it further on? Thanks
  5. Dans White MK1 Golf - THE BUILD

    Keep it going ! I want to see this in nailsea by summer!
  6. John's Mkv R32

    Great car - And chosen the best colour for an R32!
  7. Got to be the best car show video

    Great video, beats the Worthersee ones
  8. Fluctuating idle!help

    What car / engine would help us!
  9. coilovers with helper springs!

    AP coilovers have them
  10. Single or double din?

    Friend has one, although if you want to plug anything in with a micro usb port, you need an adaptor which is seperate and costly!
  11. MK6 Gti | Tornadored

    Those wheels are made for this car! well played
  12. Nice results there! What snow foam was used?