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  1. Angry Black Birds On Mars

    Sweet, any plans for it? Tried to get engine fired up few days ago, It was sooo close. I was really impressed with how far we got, considering how much re wiring i had to do, various blown ecu's, fuel pump problems, lack of fuel line clamps. We got it to fire a few times, But eventually called it a night when it was down to timing and not having a timing light. An oil leak did slow us down slightly, It came from the oil cooler as i may have forgotten to get a seal for it . . . .I shall upload some pics later of what we did as a temporary measure. It was the best bodge that ever did bodge. As time working on the car is very ltd, (as are funds atm) Not going to be until next week when i can see if we can get it running properly. Pay day next week does mean i shall hopefully be able to get some rubber on the wheels, Buy the materials to build my door cards. and should be able to get it on the road fairly soon.
  2. Angry Black Birds On Mars

    Hey bud! How's the states? Seen you have a mk2 again?! Yer man, so close now, Adam and Iare gonna try get it running tomorrow. Been a long time comeing! Started building that engine almost 6 years ago. Terrifying!
  3. Angry Black Birds On Mars

    Cheers dude, They are Actually EAZ Took me forever to identify them, Exips are different between the Bolt Holes
  4. Angry Black Birds On Mars

    Yer, this thing still isn't done. . . Due to lack of time and money. Why does no one ever tell you how expensive weddings are . . . . It's mostly been trying to get all the little bits bought and done. As I only usually get Wednesday evenings 6:30 to 10:00 to play car, progress has been super slow, and you know how it goes, wrong parts are sent to you so that's another week wasted. But slowly all come together. Yesterday I got my wheels back from referb, I am so Inlove with them So next up is just bleed breaks (been a nightmare with leaks, fittings and flares) Then try and get engine running, (been a nightmare with wireing, blown Ecu etc) Get door cards made (been a nightmare getting hold of rivnuts) Get wind screen and rear screen in (been a nightmare getting hold of my friends to who no what they are doing to give me a hand) And flat and polish the paint, should be hard enough now, it's only been a year since paint . . . Apologies for the slightly dull update.
  5. Angry Black Birds On Mars

    Double post fail
  6. Wide Arch Mk2 Scirocco - Project Cannot make My Mind Up!

    Awesome. Have you started on the other side? And what's the plan for the front end?
  7. Mk2 16v ground up rebuild

    This is the first time I have been on e38 for months! Glad I did, great to see a new build thread. Great work dude, what's the plan with the underside now?
  8. Angry Black Birds On Mars

    So nothing really haa happened . . . Recent engagement, and booking/paying for wedding is eating up money. Then it's Christmas and bla bla bla. SO! The car is kept at my folks place (rent free) but they need it out by march. So hopefully Christmas will come with money to get this thing finished! Apologies for the pointless update, not that anyone actually reads this now . . . . HEY HOE
  9. Angry Black Birds On Mars

    So unfortunatly this wont be finnished for edition :/ Still doing lots, but as said previously, nothing really update worthy. Just polishing bolts, and menial tasks while awaiting money for parts, as funds are lacking as well as time as i have started a new job with HIC. Still need:-wheels to be referbed, buy tyres, buy bumpers, engine running, exhaust system on. take out engine loom and wrap, finalise coolent system, brake fluid, bleed brakes doors built up, windows in, flat and polish every panel, tracking, Basicalls too much todo in the time between now and Edition, and with yet another trip to the States eating up money. As soon as i come back late september this will get a lot of time, money and love spent on it to get it on the road, all ready for winter. . . . not as planned, but these things happen
  10. Mk2 R32 track car

    Quote:-is it still red inside or grey now too? Looking forward to seeing yours done man! It's a MK5 BUB, mapped at 270/270, 02a vr6 gbox & clutch/ fly. 6-2-1 mani and a few other bits. There's loads of goodies I want to get but they will wait! -:Quote ah mayyyn this is going to sound soooo dirty on full chat no, its juts satin black inside, everything is covered up with carpet and trim any way. But would be nice to have a fully stripped out interior.
  11. Mk2 R32 track car

    Ah man this is definitely one to watch! When mine is up and running, may strip out all the interior and put it on a serious diet over winter. Re paint the inside. What engine specs are you gonna run?
  12. Angry Black Birds On Mars

    I should really update this with all the fun shenanigans that have taken place. Interior is now all in. Wiring is sorta there. All the lights work and fuel pump primes. Havnt turned it over yet as the coolent system isn't all in place. Still trying to figure some bits out on that front. But will update with some pics very soon. Peace x
  13. Clutch release bearing and arm not touching :/

    Yer man, I definitely fitted both of those It actually works now all adjusted, I just presumed the cable would be the right length or at least roughly there. It took most of the adjustment in the cable to get there.
  14. Clutch release bearing and arm not touching :/

    Can't really see it, but the rubber block is on the cable.
  15. Clutch release bearing and arm not touching :/

    Haha! Was it just the case of I needed to a just the cable a whole big wack?! Now I have adjusted it I can now actually operate the clutch. But the leaver looks like this. Not sure if that's right or not . . . I can't remover what they're supposed to look like.