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  1. Mk4 R32 DPB Project Carbon

    Splitter looks good, you got a link to where u got it? Was gonna see if a focus rs one would fit mine
  2. wide arched leon LCR

    Yh probs best staying with diesel, they can be tuned up quite well too, gotta love the torque on them aswell
  3. wide arched leon LCR

    Thats the only problem with them, mines stage 2 240bhp and it drinks fuel like its water, wish i could have best of both worlds, only a weekend toy tho
  4. wide arched leon LCR

    My golf used to be like that when you boot it, good on motorways tho Car look great btw, love the wide front end
  5. My LCR on twists + some custom goodies

    Car looks great, love the wheels and hidden plate
  6. :hMd:

    Look forward to seeing this put together, wheels look amazing!
  7. Will 17" Alloy wheels fit over R32 Brakes

    Ok cheers for your help, think im just gonna get the wheels and see if they fit, if they dont then il either change brakes or look for bigger wheels.
  8. Will 17" Alloy wheels fit over R32 Brakes

    Ok cheers, may need to down size front brakes then
  9. Hi, i have a MK4 with R32 Brakes and was wondering if i could fit 17" Merc Segin Alloy wheels over them, im currently on 18" alloys. If so then what size adaptor would be best for them (15mm, 20mm etc)? Cheers Tom