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  1. Porsche 964 for y'all

    What a beautiful example. Love your work mate, I hope you don't plan to stop anytime soon!
  2. 30mm hubcentric spacers - safe?

    The long bolts are generally 15mm and less, bolt on are 20mm and up. The latter would be my preference for peace of mind.
  3. 30mm hubcentric spacers - safe?

    I ran 19x11j 997 Lobsters on the Beetle using 30mm H&R adapters. Buy quality and you'll be fine!
  4. MIVW 2016 August 6th

    I'm booked in for Hilton Garden Inn

    I want to make this but I'm yet to buy tyres for the TD's
  6. Tyre wear and drop links

    I'm yet to fit shortened drop links since having coilovers fitted - I've had the car aligned for toe in/out but have noticed my tyres 'feathering' on the front outside edge. Would fitting shorter drop links help stop this happening or do I need further camber alignment? [E46 330i] Thanks in advance Rob
  7. New Beetle

    Sold again This time its for good!
  8. Jennings' Daily Hack

    Looks nice Mike. I'm with you on the whole stance thing, it's done now!
  9. Bristol Krispy Kreme meet July 6th @ 2pm NOW WITH AWARDS!

    What kind of sponsored awards James? I'll be in merica for this one.
  10. James' Bora Tdi 130

    Looks really good mate. If anything the lip and EU recess makes a nice change
  11. Chassis notching in South Wales

    Jon Chapman down Cross Hands
  12. Monobloc alloy wheels

    Phaeton Champions Grab some adaptors and search for them on ebay.de Thank me later
  13. I too have this problem. I'm renting and ideally don't want an outside tap fitted unless I can get approval and it done by a plumber. I've got a Hoselock attachment for the kitchen tap but the pressure behind the tap builds up and breaks the seal.. which makes a wet kitchen. Any recommendations on tap attachments would be great, and would benefit the OP as well as me!
  14. MIVW 2014

    We're going too. Stayed in the Hilton Garden Inn this year and have rebooked for 2014 too. Can't wait!