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  1. mk1 golf wheel help! please....

    Involves cutting and rewelding all the front suspension arms. It's a fair job to do so easier to change wheels lol
  2. mk1 golf wheel help! please....

    Cut and narrow the front track or get some better fitting wheels
  3. Mk1 golf door seals

    I'm on about this seal all the way around the inside of the door
  4. Mk1 golf door seals

    seal goes all the way round
  5. HELP Passat b5.5 04 saloon coilovers HELP

    bend the fork out, had similar problem on my old audi b5. Bit of persuasion with a big bar sorted it.
  6. 1.8 tuning mk3

    Buy another car! Engine swap is really the only option as the 1.8 isn't really going to respond to any tuning without spending a fortune.
  7. Mk4 golf momo boss fit Audi b6 A4?

    Yeah straight fit mate
  8. Yeah it's fairly noticeable and definitely worthwhile. Had my old audi b5 115pd done.
  9. 12mm hubcentric spacers

  10. Wheel ID needed.

    RS6 reps no doubt?
  11. Vw Mk2 Jetta Coupe 4WD Build.

    Be watching this
  12. 6n APQ rebuild

    Mk3 polo GT head is a straight fit on these if the APQ is the same as the ABD 1.4 8v engine. Should definitely help as the 1.3 GT's run 75bhp compared to the 1.4's 60bhp.
  13. Wheel fitment help pkeae

    Will need at least 30mm spacers to clear coilovers on the inside. 195/40 tyres, minimum 205/40
  14. Mk2 Golf R32

    No, TT subframes are completely different to the mk4 base. TT bolt to the floor and mk4 are on sliders. Nice project by the way