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  1. The 'Pizza Boy' Daily

    Bloody hell you feeling alright? You about on ze weekend?
  2. Dragon Green and Cream 6n

  3. White MK2 Golf, White Wellers Pg 8

    just had a text from him and that idonthinkso of a policeman is doing him for dangerous driving and no insurance
  4. White MK2 Golf, White Wellers Pg 8

    should be okay, my step dad is going down to the police station with him so the bloke cant flip him about.
  5. White MK2 Golf, White Wellers Pg 8

    Right it's all done Stuff with Christian is sorted and he's happy with whats being done about it we're cool with each other Car is getting painted for UD so it'll all be brown, And if i get my rear engine mount sorted even lower The back also needs to come down quite a bit
  6. Dry's Jetta

    So good! I have a new number and i lost yours PM me it (Alexxx!)
  7. Wills Cabby 3 non daily

    Why is it brokes? We vote spare room btw
  8. Nath's Polo 6n thread

    You got that engine yet nath? Still trying to work out a date haha (Alex)
  9. White MK2 Golf, White Wellers Pg 8

    oi go and fix your sump so you can come and pick me up! why do we both have broken cars?
  10. Oli's 9n3 Polo GTi Progress Thread.

    Right we need to get this mk3 bussiness sorted mate I <3 red cars too
  11. White MK2 Golf, White Wellers Pg 8

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! woooo
  12. jay`s mk4 golf

    love this car!! how much did you pay for the wheels?
  13. White MK2 Golf, White Wellers Pg 8

    yeah i saw you looking at your car in every shop window we went past haha
  14. Oli's Mk3 Golf GTi Progress Thread.

    karl dresses like that everyday haha