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  1. What happened here then?

    http://www.newsletter.co.uk/news/crime/ballymoney-man-fined-750-for-keeping-barn-owls-1-7839541 Heads up for anyone thinking of (illegally) keeping owls
  2. What happened here then?

    The Owl
  3. Mk2 16v - Tornado Red

    Shweeeeeeettttt !!! Nuffsaid
  4. Crank sensor

    2nd that mk3 s had an issue with solder letting go on the relays
  5. Crank sensor

    Wb an Easyout ???
  6. gold wheel options

    Ikonen Gold (merc colour) code 419 ..
  7. 1987 Monza Blue Mk2 Golf 16v

    Was this not the car there was a whole "Twit twhoo Haa " over a while ago
  8. My 81 mk1 gti, and 20vt mk2...

    Rotten bystands !!!!!
  9. B5 Passat Estate PD115

    You ll not regret buyin this mate I run one of these last year as a daily sold it with 330K on it never missed a beat wouldn't hesitate buying another 200k one bulletproof ..
  10. That's what I was thinkin bound to have been givin a shedule at the point of payment so you could check every thing was in order .,
  11. Mk1 Caddy ABF issue.

    There's an O ring In the DiZzy mate, maybe worth while replacing that ..
  12. Locking Wheel Nut Problem

    Try hammering an undersize heavy duty socket on to it ..
  13. New Impact Wrench - What am I doing wrong?

    Just out of interest is there a torque adjustment setting where your can reduce the torque I know my air gun has this so as not to run the heads off bolts !! Just a thought
  14. Garage advice pls, smoking A4 TDI

    I would be demanding a full refund . It's obviously they've sold product not fit for service , under trading standards she is well within her rights to demand this , or a similar product of the same monetary value which is fit for purpose .
  15. After market head unit keeps losing memory?

    As above mate you need to find a permanent live