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  1. Sounds fair, they had enough to press charges just from his accent alone I’d imagine.
  2. Don’t be offended, I shouldn’t have mentioned it, but just a tiny bit of me wanted you to be him.
  3. From the back you look like that douche on YouTube who loves hondas and hates all vw’s. That turbo whistle sounds awesome though. Can’t wait for more.
  4. Mercedes Sprinter EML, anyone shed some light

    You don’t need to remove the injectors, you remove the leak off rail and put leak test cylinders in the ports on top of the injectors and crank the engine over to see if you’re losing pressure from your injectors as they’re letting too much fuel leak back to the tank. If you’ve got access to someone with xentry then you’ve got access to someone that can carry out the process really easily.
  5. Mercedes Sprinter EML, anyone shed some light

    You can get them separately, but I’ve had a word with the van tech just now and he said before doing owt else get an injector leak off test done judging by what you’ve mentioned in the op.
  6. Mercedes Sprinter EML, anyone shed some light

    Could be your rail pressure sensor that’s gone down, either that or your quantity control valve, but I’d say it’s your rail pressure sensor. I’m on shift tomorrow so I’ll run it by our van guy, I’m truck myself but I do know on the 651 engine he has gone through quite a few rail pressure sensors.
  7. I'd imagine you'd want to be zoning in on your vehicle speed sensor fault initially as that seems to be the most relevant to your symptoms.
  8. What are DA sanding marks? As in a sanding pad had been used on a DA on paint?
  9. Crazy Show Car Detail

    Can't decide between a Hyundai Accent and a fiat Brava/bravo,always forget the difference. Not my thing but amazing work buddy.
  10. I'd be checking the feed to the compressor first then, then once you've got voltage down to it as it should be without simulating it and it still isn't working then I'd be looking at a new compressor.
  11. If there isn't any gas in the system it won't spin up the compressor either, make sure your system is full first.
  12. Audi TT cutting out/no boost

    Surely if it's fuel supply it would splutter as the engine would be getting starved of fuel?
  13. Audi TT cutting out/no boost

    Is it DMF on those? I had one ages ago with similar symptoms on an older Audi A4 and the DMF had virtually collapsed, ran really lumpy and intermittent start/stop. Originally tried cam/crank sensor but obviously as the flywheel was wapping around in the bellhousing it was losing signal to the crank sensor and cutting out.
  14. Random drivers side knock?

    Sounds possibly like an engine mount. If I'm reading the symptoms correctly anyway. At idle, so the car isn't necessarily moving but about to move forwards or backwards. So could be an engine/gearbox mount.