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  1. Bagged Golf MK4 TFSI OEM+

    That's a very mix up tacho..amazing. I did this question cause it's very difficult find a tacho with 4 round holes, and not only 2 (as all standard tacho cases). Fix that LCD and will be perfect. Need a rolling vid!
  2. Bagged Golf MK4 TFSI OEM+

    Oh man....... Which is the model of the tacho case?
  3. Audi 80 TDI |recycling OEM parts|

    Like it, a lot! I prefer standard front lamp, not LED on this kind of car. Stay classic..... Fabrizio
  4. Bagged Golf MK4 TFSI OEM+

    stunning!!! What did you do to the xenon headlight?
  5. Bagged Golf MK4 TFSI OEM+

    As i always said, that's an amazing car, and you dude are doing a great job. Very lovable, the best MK4 on edition for me. Fabrizio
  6. Bagged Golf MK4 TFSI OEM+

    news? new photos?
  7. VW Polo 9N3 on PLS evolution 17"

    BBS are the perfect wheels for VAG family. Surely also before she was so pretty with the other wheels, but now i think she's perfect. Have u ever thought about a big brake kit? 332x30 + Cayenne calipers..
  8. a few of the swallowtail

    Never ever seen a similar thing
  9. JonnyC TTRS Build Thread

  10. MKII GTI' 86

  11. MK3 GTI 8V from Belgium

    stunning. Following
  12. JasonB's MKIV GTI Anni...

    Awesome mate. Bye
  13. Bagged Golf MK4 TFSI OEM+

    Follow. When you will able to, some shots of the MK6 R gear knob please Bye