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  1. joN's Black on Black MK4

    Well, not updated this in ages and had the urge to polish the other day so took a couple of pics. So on Saturday, it was a little breezy but sunny so I thought not a bad day for a bit of polishing, after a wash with Meguiars Gold Class and a claybar as it hadn't seen one of those for a bit, the sun was highlighting some shocking marks/swirls on my paintwork... Not nice swirls Oooo, nasty, Im ashamed! So I got to it just with some Menzerna Final Finish on a 5" orange Menzerna pad on my Porter Cable. for a little light correction. After this I realised my mate had permenantly borrowed my collinite, ran out out Clearkote vanilla moose wax, and lost the sample of dodo juice purple haze...hmmm so I reached for the good old trusty Auto Glym Super Resin Polish, come out not bad. Time to replenish my detailing products, and my pads are looking a bit tired too. Cheers joN
  2. Mk4 LOWS problems

    Fitted an engine spacer kit this morning and its sorted out a lot of the rumbling, I only get the noise cornering right at pace so I guess the problem was the angle of the driveshaft.
  3. Mk4 LOWS problems

    I fitted a brand new wheel bearing kit at the weekend and no diference at all, the old one felt new too. Ive got an engine spacer kit to try next but really, its rumbling all the time now, and Im certin there are people that are as low if not lower with no engine spacer kit that dont have these problems.....??????????? Im gonna look at the bottom ball joint rubbing on the disc too. Im really getting to my whits end with this problem now, its wearing me down! all mechanics Ive asked have no idea, one came up with what sounded a good idea, has my engine mount broke and that side of the engine down a bit, sounded good, as thats what it sounds like but nope mounts are good, ahh well. joN
  4. Mk4 LOWS problems

    I dont have droplinks. ARB removed too. Ihave now put another Golf Driveshaft in as the breakers swapped it, but to no avail. the noise is really bad, someone must know what it is as there are cars plenty lower than mine, they can't all be doing this noise. I keep thinking wheel bearing, but there is no play in the wheel at all and it spins free. Gonna try a lift kit on the engine next. What I cant understand is, how on the A3 TDi driveshaft can it knock accelerating and fine cornering but on the golf one fine on acceleration but knocking in the corners and when i let off and bumps....? joN
  5. Mk4 LOWS problems

    Well after putting a whole diferent driveshaft on from a breakers and the problem was exactly the same, so I thought away from that probem. I examined the engine mount but this was ok. next was wheel bearing, but before I ordered one, I spotted a guy in my garage had another driveshaft from an A3 knocking about....I thought it worth a try as there was no obvious signs of bearing failure. The A3 shaft was same length, but slightly diferent fitment, after a little messing about, got it on. Anyways, long story short the terrible knocking on a rounaboout and bumps has gone, but....I have got another little diferent noise now. So Im guessing I got a bust driveshaft from the breakers. I can live with this one will do until I get a new one. the noise is probably because its not meant for the car joN
  6. Mk4 LOWS problems

    Bottom adjuster as in the locking adjuster for the coilover? if so mine are both tight
  7. Mk4 LOWS problems

    Just to dig up an older topic of mine....I have fitted a full n/s driveshaft with both CV joints on today and it hasn't made a blind bit of diference! I can't think what else it could be?? Wheel bearing? Ive got Polyflex bushes in my lower arms so I thought they would be ok...? The problem has come on worse and worse so its got to be something failing. Is the only other option rasiing the engine? any help appreciated joN
  8. That Rado

    Now thats what I call cleaning a car inside n out!! Much credit for the work your putting in fella. Will be stunning when finished. joN
  9. joN's Black on Black MK4

    Cheers fellas! Pat yea I will be going down Sunday morn. theres a load of us, will get back to you with times n that. nixy, no I havn't! Im so lazy! gotta do summat soon though, be it bottom ball joint or CV joint. Will get my guy on it! joN
  10. joN's Black on Black MK4

    Yea mate, lookin good you bloomin copy! haha. my god how bloody high was my car then! I think we have both lowered our ways since then. Cool pic though pal, see you at the next one. joN
  11. Mk3 R32

    Absolutley awesome mate!! will be looking forward to running my eye over this and seeing it on the move down to UD!
  12. Mk4 LOWS problems

    Cant see anything rubbing visualy under the arch or chassis etc so Im really puzzeled on what this problem might be, its loud when the weight is on that wheel (n/s) i.e. roundabouts but a mechanic I know said it doesnt sound like a wheel bearing or driveshaft or anything like that when I quizzed him. Its a head scratcher this one, anyone any ideas? I asked a few people at E38 but 1/2 were running 17s and 1/2 had no clue. Im running 215/40/18 surley you can run dropped at the front on these. Anyone had similar problems?? joN
  13. Mk4 LOWS problems

    I think I have narrowed it down to the top of the tyre rubbing on the inner wing, not really sure if there is a solution for that short of a big hammer and a block of wood. problem is Ive got it a hieght that a like now and might have to raise it doh! joN
  14. Great show was spoiled

    As has been said, lots of drunk blokes camping will always be messy, I had my car parked real close to my tent and someone behind started fire breathing, was watching him for a bit but then noticed half the fluid wasnt burning but being sprayed all over the back of my car! Turns out it was Parrafin! I wasn't impressed really. I guess the guy was apologetic but anyways, I QD'd a few times to clean it off and SRP'd it in the pitch darkness after about 7 Corona, turns out when I examined it in the morning I'd done a decent job lol. I did also here there was a glass bottle thrown near us, which is stupidity really. joN ps. other than that small thing, I had an awesome weekend
  15. Mk4 LOWS problems

    Yes Ive got 30mm front and rear. joN