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  1. I wish i didnt have to. but I have been staring at it so long with nothing happening. i can keep storing it but since i have done the work I have learned more, and now have far better equiptment at my disposal that i would now change direction again and would change allot of what i have already done if i were to continue. Mix that with a non ideal work space/garage finding motivation to do that is impossible. I can say though that I shall re-visit this plan in the future and make it happen. maybe with a straighter caddy to start and an industrial unit to work out of lol
  2. Free time and drive is far from on my saide recently.... so sadly for me.... would anyone possible like to purchase this project?
  3. Dale's MK5 Edition30

    fancy a swap? 2009, B8 A4 S-line black edition with 60k miles 2.0tdi 143
  4. The phantom of blackness A4 B8 wagon

    been a little busy as of late and edition got blocked by the dns server at work so couldn't use it there but anywho here is some updates. i tinted the rear lights and have some new pictures of the newly purchased wheels.... Here are the new look lights. and some shots of the new shoes.... i hope you like Having a shower im quite happy with the way she is sitting at the moment, few little things id like to take care of soon but future plans....... MORE POWER!!!!
  5. The phantom of blackness A4 B8 wagon

    So, its a good thing i have new wheels and tyres on order...... driving about last night and the back end kicked out on me very suddenly with a good thud, i thought id clipped a high drain in the ice, it was then stepping out very easily, i was having some fun with this thinking it was due to the slightly icy conditions but then i could smell burning tyre and stopped to see id had quite a nice blow out!!! tore through the wires......
  6. 2 x Berg Cup Mk1s - RWD 1.8T and 2.0 ABF 16v

    that blue mk1 made me buy my first a few years back. the hayabusa engine in that thing must have been such an insane drive..... id love that sort of acceleration and massive RPM ability lol. cant imagine it weighed much either i remember most of the panels were also carbon fibre?
  7. 2 x Berg Cup Mk1s - RWD 1.8T and 2.0 ABF 16v

  8. The phantom of blackness A4 B8 wagon

    yeh i do like the original wheels..... i know their worth silly money compared to what i feel for them which isnt much lol so i may consider selling at some point. im sure id like them more if they didn't come on my car, its the whole got to make it mine thing i think..... or im just fussy but aren't we all?
  9. The phantom of blackness A4 B8 wagon

    lol 19" again...... i think il be able to get the stance and ride height i want more practically being on coilovers.... 20" if i were on air maybe lol
  10. The phantom of blackness A4 B8 wagon

    The Audi rotors are 19"s it is quite a practical car yes..... its the 143 TDI so goes well not not much dollar ..... could benefit with a map though which is planned. il give you a little hint..... the wheel model is just a number they will be on by the end of the week so il have some photos up then
  11. The phantom of blackness A4 B8 wagon

    thanks guys, should look a little nicer on the new wheels also
  12. So..... Back again with my second project, some of you may have seen my build in progress the 4 motion 1.8 20vt MK1 Caddy. Well recently i realised i needed a more sensible car to go along side the "Big Build" and something reliable that i can use as a daily driver.... so after much deliberation i fancied an A4 preferably an estate.... first i set out to find a nice cheap B5, soon i wanted a B6 which turned into a long hunt for a B7 and with the amount of time id spent looking at A4's it ended up being the a 2009 B8 s-line in phantom black. as standard this seemed to look a very nice car so i didn't plan to do much to it, i considered the idea of air bags but iv always been a coilover person until now..... anyhow this is how the car stood when i picked it up It came with OEM 19" 5 arm rotors from an audi rs5 which i was very pleased with but the ride height i was not a fan of. so a couple days had passed before my KW coilovers turned up these were soon fitted Which brought her down to a much more acceptable stance, this is how she now stands..... static not too many pics as of yet as i didn't plan for this to be a full blown project but im getting the itch already. Il get something up soon. Even with the wheels on it being to a large amount of peoples taste i have some new shoes on their way to me so im sure there will be more to update soon
  13. what's the best arb/drop link combo

    Thread is in the wrong section move to technical
  14. Finally a small bit more progress. i am now in a house with a garage that i can move the caddy into, i have yet to do this i seem to be avoiding it, i think im holding off for more pleasant working temperatures, maybe il get a heater or wait until spring . never the less i came through on what i promised i now have the ability to form bed panels at work here is mine, i made it from 1.2mm sheet and it does look the business
  15. Lowering my B7

    im running KW coilovers on my A4, its my first experience with KW and i wanted adjustability with as little loss of comfort as possible...... and honestly the high price tag that comes with them was more than worth it. id struggle to tell the difference in harshness between standard s-line suspension and these coilovers. so in my opinion i couldn't see any benefit of just springs as shocks other than a slightly lower price but as with all suspension..... you really do get what you pay for